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Are you playing Roblox? Then you certainly know that very game is simple yet entertaining game. Roblox is actually like a virtual game where you play being a human, interacting with others and doing something like a human should do. So, as a start, you pick the character and avatar including your name. Then, you enter the world in Roblox. But the most interesting part is when you die in Roblox.

Unlike in real world, there are ridiculous ways to die in Roblox. It can be because of something simple. So, here are the 10 best ways to die in Roblox.


The following video contains conditions that what happen if..

1. Build an Evil Robot
So, in Roblox you can anything including building a robot. Instead of building usual friendly robot, try an evil robot. Once you’re done, guaranteed you’ll die right away because your robot will kill you.

2. Curse an Admin
Admin in Roblox is almost like a police. So, when you curse the admin, it’s like you commit a huge crime. And it’s the crime that gets you punished by death on the spot.

3. Listen to AJB Song
This song is bad and it can even get you killed right away.

4. Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus is like the bad villain that kills you easily.

5. Run out of Battery
You’re a robot so it’s normal to die when your battery runs out.

6. Get Hit by Car
Just like in real world, you can get killed by a car in Roblox.

7. Eaten by Shark
So, you fish and then shark appears in the middle of nowhere to eat you.

8. Anger a Guest
So you meet a guest and you’ll be killed once you make him/her angry.

9. Explode Tanker
There is a tanker in the street and you explode it. Without you realize, you get killed.

10. Fart in Public
Embarrassment is something that can get you killed in Roblox.

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