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Has anybody called you a noob on Roblox? Well, somebody wouldn’t call you a noob without any reason to do so. You certainly have done something to be recognized as noob. Well, apparently there are many noobs in Roblox. Perhaps you haven’t realized being a noob while you actually are, read some of the signs explained below.

If you have done something out of the 10 signs below, then you are indeed a noob. That’s not something you should be ashamed of, anyway.

1. Cheating on Obbies

You know obbies right? The obstacle game. Yes, if you find yourself having done cheating on Obbies, then you can consider yourself as noob. It’s as simple as that.

2. Deleting Hard Work done by Other people

Everyone has a dark side. In Roblox, when that side appears, the desire to do something bad is irresistible. And that is when you delete other people’s hard work without any reason, that you have truly become a noob.

3. Online Dating

You’ve already playing online by being in Roblox. But you still want to do online dating in Roblox? That’s definitely a behavior of a noob.

4. Falling for Noob Trab

Noob tends to be stupid. So, when you find yourself falling for noob trap, then that’s a clear sign that you are truly a noob.


5. Spamming the Catalog

You may want to do something bad in Roblox. But when you spam the calatog, you instantaneously have become a noob.

6. Making Horrible Ads

When you make good ads, you’ll be popular. When you make fake ads, you can kill other people. But when you make horrible ads, you have become a noob.

7. Making Bad Place

Everyone wants to enjoy being in a good place. Yet, you have made bad place. So, this will only earn you a noob reputation.

8. Looking Fugly

When you act by looking fugly, it doesn’t give you anything good. It only gives you a reputation of being a noob.

9. Talking Like A Noob

Talking the same thing over and over again only makes you a noob. Even if you just say happy birthday for like more than 10 times.

10. Being a Mob

A mob is not a villain on Roblox. A mob is simply a noob on Roblox.

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