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See you again robloxs !! here I am share hints 3 easy ways how to earn robux with many call Builders Club tricks. I reccomend you try first a good way as said by the roblox.com before you find info about your keyword free robux generator on search engine.

If your Robux status low at this time, I believe the articles tutorials on my roblox login website will help you succeed in play Roblox Games.

1st way

First sign in to www.roblox.com then Join Builders Club

robux builders club

All members of Builders Club will get daily wage/salary according their BC purchase level.

For the first time purchase surely you get free robux R$100 (signing bonus).

Daily earning based BC levels:

  • Classic BC members ($5.95 per month) will get daily 15 robux
  • Turbo BC members ($11.95 per month) will get daily 35 robux
  • Outrageous BC members ($11.95 per month) will get daily 60 robux

One other thing I don’t like today! Why Roblox remove Tix? So NBC players hard to collecting roblox.

2nd way – Builder’s Club

1. Once you’ve got enough robux can buy collectible items, then sell it to someone else at a price that you set so that get profit of sales.

robux builders club 0

2. As a Builders Club member you can go to Trade Market and add your robux in trade and wait other members which willing to exchange with their collectible items.

robux builders club 2

3. Just make cool pants or shirts then sell to other members, payment with robux.

robux builders club 3

4. You can get robux in bulk if you have special skill become a builder (scripter), then go to Group Recruiting Plaza to sell you creations. Or someone hired your skill to make a creation then he pay you with huge robux. I ever paid R$2,000 to create a cafe that is quite complicated. But my suggestion start from modest with low price, so many members of the society who are interested.

robux builders club 4

3rd way – Non Builder’s Club

1. Make game passes and sell it is great idea for Non BC Members, you’ll get 10% profit and 70% for BC members if sold.

2. Promote the roblox affiliate program, for example post refferal link on facebook, twitter, website, etc.. to invite new people visiting and sign up at www.roblox.com. You will get 5% on every purchase (whatever that is) by new roblox account.

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