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Is there are any games like Roblox that can play fun in your device and for your kid’s fun? The answer is, yes. There are many games that similar with Roblox and most of them are available to download easily and play. Roblox itself is a game that involves into Massive Multiplayer Online and available to play in any device includes PC, android, iOS, Mac and Windows platform.

This is interesting and attractive game that marketed to teenager. The game challenge the player for creates their own virtual world. In the game, the players are able to custom their online avatar, create an open world, make interactive communication with other online players, playing games together and create your dream world with various size and shape of block building.  Even, in this game you are able to communicate with your friend that also play the game use online text. Everything that presence in the game is situated in customize of the world from different size, style and color blocks and bricks that give you amazing experience with sandbox game. You can go through  to  different world and places to visit where some of them are provides by the game itself and some are from users and the players can go with walk, run, jump, riding cycle, skateboards, and cars and many more. Even, in Roblox you can buy the desired house. You can structures and decorate your house by your own imagination and if you do not like the building you have build, you can destroy it and rebuild as your imagination and styles. This game is best 3D graphic games and it has two virtual currency, the tickets and robux that use for purchase the game features, upgrades features in any level that you can buy with the currency and more lot of things that you can do for enjoying the game. With the popularity, there are now appears online games like roblox that also interesting and fun to do for teenager and adult to play. The simplicity and the endless possibilities for the players to build, decorate as their creativity and imagination become the best part involves into the game. Roblox is the fantastic tools for turn their imagination into real world graphic.  Some of the games such as Roblox has also develop and popular recently with their own unique characteristic. Here is some of game like roblox that people can download and play in their device.

Game Like Roblox

These 40 games like Roblox is similar or it at least have similar features with Roblox. These games below can be alternative for those who are looking for game similar with Roblox but it has better challenge and features. The game itself can be less same or it has better performance and features.

1. The Blockheads. This is alternative option for those who want to play Roblox in 2D sandbox, multiplayer massive online and super amuse game. The lack of this game, this game is just available in iOS device to play only.


2. Minecraft. This is other great alternative for sandbox fun games like roblox. The game is developed by indie game developer Mojang and 4J studios. The game itself published by different video game provider, Microsoft studios, Sony Computer, Sandbox and FPS as video game. The game is available to play in several platforms such as Mac OS, Microsoft windows (PC desktop), iOS, android phone and windows phone.


3. Blockland. This is a multi massive online game based on Voxel based sandbox game that created in which created from Lego blocks build. The Blockland is the creative world open game without certain goals and make the players able for roam freely in then game sources.


4. Terraria. Terraia is next 2D game world that lets the game world building use the features and tools from the game provided. This agme often refred as 2D Minecraft game, this is a must sandblox game that must try with its deep Teraria crafting and building system.


5. Blockworld. This is the sandbox  roblox like games that capture for every platform in such cover to terms that makes the game become attractive and appealing. This is game that gives the players with beautiful graphics with engage and addicting game features with lots of blocks for build their real world.


6. KOGAMA. This is a games like roblox online that nearest to the Roblox alternative list of sandbox building video game. To play this game, you need to online with the browser and design game level by your own. The players are also can pick up the randomly other user online world creation.


7. Cube World.  Cube world is game that takes you to the amazing combination for action-adventure experience, fantasy games and awesome game with RPG materials. The games closest to Minecraft and Zelda games which inspired from mechanics features and it gives the players option for exploring numbers of generated worlds in randomly. This is other examples of games like roblox but better in features and challenge.


8. Terasology.  at first, you might think that the games like roblox and Minecraft but there are some difference poi8nt to note. This game has similar visual block graphic, puchable dirty of blocks, grass and stone. This game also featured with mining, crafting and survival that makes it look likes to Minecraft game. One thing that differ it, it has open source nature development as make the player to be game maker for their game. They will free to join the team and make Terasology as great game to play.


9. Utopia Realms.  For Starbound gamers, this is a version of hardcore games of action adventure, sandbox and RPG videos game. It gives player randomly level, expanding real world game and allows the polayer for engage themselves into features activities involved such as craft the unique items, combat enemies, explore world and many more.


10. World of Cubes. The awesome building games like roblox that provided online play. The players able to connect with other online players and enjoy crafting and build their world blocks.


11. Block world. As its name, the game offer world blocks and give players free for build environment as they desire. They can collect the resources and build village, take pride of monumental construction and the infinite blocks supply.


12. Minecraft story mode. This is an epic story of Minecraft video games. The games offer exploring generate world to beat in any levels.


13. Star Made.  For you who love action heroes, especially Marvel, the Star made is option game for you. This video game offers the game with Space world theme and the amazing whole universe. The players will challenged for create space ships, shield, and weapons to defeat the enemy from the planet they go.


14. Ace of Spades. The other free online games like roblox ; Ace of Spades. It gives MMO FPS video game with combination of building, shooting, and explore. There are a lot of this game features are closest to Minecraft, Brick Force and Team Forest. This gives you three in One game adventure once.


15. Vox. This is game for those who loves detail in the video game. It gives player opportunity for explore the game features on quest games, adventures in their generated world ands building craft. The manipulating world as they imagination and creativity, collect the resources and create craft in anything shape and items.


16. Cubic Castle. The cubic castle is free games like roblox that created premium with Sandbox and video game design. It gives the player experience for playing real world game in cubes shape world in 3D. Select and custom the avatar in online.


17. Planet Explorer. For you who want to take on planet exploring video game,  this is game that offer construction destructions games with unique features of collecting items and explore distant planet in one game.


18. Survival Craft. Developed by Candy Rufus Game the game offers block world where it challenge players for survive from the game by exploring, mining the resources and crafts any tools and weapons that required for survive and win the goals.


19. Rising World. Love to destroy building in video game? Then cool games like roblox  ike this game will be great option for you. You can play this game with your friends together.


20. Master Space. The cool action game adventure that takes the adventure of space epic games and explore the terraform in distant planet and collect resources for build construction and items.


21. Block Earth is video games that take heavy Minicraft games features. It has beautiful generate world to explore in colorful design graphics.


22. Castle Story. Just such as other games like roblox, this game also offer adventurous strategy game challenge and explore the beautiful 3D game world which allows gather the resources and destroy the enemy or others players building.


23. The Sandbox. Parents will love to introduce the game for their children as this game introduce the basic of Physics Laws and it gives access into 230 elements to use to build the constructions.


24. Wurm Online. Create the world from bricks into bricks and the games like roblox no download that allows the player for join with other online players and compete.


25. Brick Force is an indie video game with engine unite game based and players create their own world and share their players compete with other players.


26. Trove. The game is combination between Minecraft and Cube world. The games has specific features for the player for custom their game start from classes number of character, skills and go to real world to destruct the building and find resources.


27. Mother load is game for digging the Earth layers to collect the mineral inside and sell the collected items for reach money and upgrades the items. It is 2D gaming of mechanic game inspired from Minecraft.


28. King Arthur Gold.  This is other 2D games that noted to the Round Table knight and legacy. The games challenge the player for building up materials into glorious castle heights and get gold achievements. The other things that makes this games just like roblox is the way of its rule. The construction and destruction is the rule from this game. The building created is able to décor as fashion as the player style. The player can choose the three classes of builder, knights and archer to play. Each of classes has their own gold achievements.


29. Starbound. Choose your protagonist character from the planets you generate and crash with others. This game allows you to take 2D gaming in generated amazing world.


30. Block Warfare: Operations is FPS a game like roblox  that able to play in any platform. This game features single operation for finish the game and reach then achievement.


31. A Valley Without Wind. This is other games like roblox for free that offers a lot of specific customization. The game offer adventure action game, strategy challenge, world exploration, crafting and building with similar platform such as Starbound. The players can enjoy the world where they are building from resources.


32. Block Fortress is a game that challenges strategy method from the players from enemies. They will challenge how to defense from enemies attack by build strong fortress and defense building, weapons, and barracks. This game allows the players for build and destruct the varies structure due to protect their fortress and destroy the attackers.


33. Algodoo. Here is other games that recommended for parents to play with their children to educate physic basic games. In this game, the players will stimulate with different physical objects that available in different structures and items. The game takes innovation and challenge the player in brain puzzle games challenge to beat.


34. Salem is game for those who love to past witch hunter craft game and mortals craftians. The game is set at 17th century in England with the various crafts item in open world to create, and destroy the building.


35. Junk Jack X is new specific smartphone game that only work in Mac and PC. It challenges the player for survive from the enemies attack and explore, crafting and building their real world creativity.


36. 3079 Block Action RPG. Packed in First Person game, this game allows the player for explore the vast world game, with the epic story quest and fight the enemies, defense by create crafting items such as building, farms, weapons and many more.


37. Block Story is combination game of Minecraft and Trove features. It has epic quest to defeat and hardcore war with enemies to best. Explore to the game world, mining the resources and build different structures and crafts items for survive.


38. Guncraft is game for every player that loves to play specific detailed game items. This game featured with wide range small weapons for combat the enemies. It is beta game open world that allows the players for build their building and weaponry.  Guncraft is available to play in single and multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode, the player can create maps and share with others to play.


39. Miner of Duty. This is super awesome games like roblox free that offer a lot of unlock able features that able to play for single or multiplayer game. The game is available in 3D gaming and open world game environment. The player can manipulate their character appearance as they get scores for reach to next level game.


40. Craft The World. This is awesome game that provides great RTS simulation, MMO game playing and Sandbox construction at one game. In addition, this game also challenge the player for strategy and management in take responsibility to Dwarf society and develop into full communities in the real game world. The player requires taking world exploration and building community to dwarf.


How to Create Game like Roblox

There are games like roblox but no download that available in internet. Roblox was once known and marketed as educational games that attractive and visually interesting with vividly colors and features for explores. The three mains features that similar for Roblox games that requires to fill such as exploring, mining and crafting is the most items that seen in games such as Roblox. There are games like roblox that provide different game experience, single and multiplayer mode as it can download play or as online playing. The crucial things from game such as Roblox are its game features for built and destruct the world in generate level. It is clearly as parents, have this game in their video game collection is advantage as it can help their children for identifying physical objects and expand their creativity and imagination.  Choose the game wisely as most of strategic game is addictive and there is parent requirement to watch their children when they play their video game.  In addition, when their children play this game, they can learn on how to make a game like roblox that useful for their education in early stage.

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