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If you come to this site just because you want to find information about 5 Secret Buttons Only Admins are Supposed to Know, then you come to the right place. Have you tried to search it in your browser? If so, you will find this in the form of video in Youtube. So, what is the video about?

The video with that title was created by robloxlover69 and you are able to find it in Youtube. If you watch the video, you are able to see that he attempts to show you several secret admin glitches that none of you know about. The thing that you have to do is that if you have an account which is new, you are able to use that. Alternatively, if you have a usual account, you are able to use it as well for applying what he did in the video. So, just use account that you want to use. New account or old account is no problem.

In the video, he tries to to use a new account to show you the step by step of the process. See that there is zero Robux in his account. Then, he goes to MeepCity and hit Play button. Then, he will show you several secret ways to get Robux that only admin knows. In case you want to spawn, you need to head over to the town. After that, you have to go to school and follow what he does. Then, you walk around as he does and then you will put on the principal uniform and run to the classroom and sit on the chair. If you have sound checked, then you have to type the code as you are able to see in the video. The code can be seen in the video and you have to hit Enter. When you stand up, take the Apple and run to the back of the classroom.

If you have run to the back of the classroom, you can sit on the chair and then type the code. After typing the code, you are able to press Enter and then you should run out of the school and make sure that you are still holding the apple. What do we have to do next? You need to go to inside the cafe and put on the Barista uniform. You have to type the code. After typing the code, then you will get hashtag but it is fine. Next, you need to go to the Roblox account. You are able to see that in his Roblox account, there are 90 million Robux now. Meanwhile, before he did these steps, he has no Robux.

If you want to get as much as Robux as him, then you are able to try to apply what he does. Make sure that you follow the steps which are shown by him carefully especially when you enter the code. If you have got the Robux, you are able to use it for purchasing anything that you want, aren’t you?

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