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Are you playing Roblox already? How do you see yourself in Roblox? Are you popular or are you not popular? Well, you’d better be popular in Roblox because that’s the right way to play it. At least, if you are not popular in real world, you can still be popular in Roblox right? So, when it comes to becoming popular, there are various ways.

And of all those ways, there are 5 best ways for you to become famous. Don’t worry because it’s not too difficult to do. You only need to be a bit more consistent and creative in what you’re doing. There’s nothing free in Roblox.

1. Create a Popular Game

Everyone loves game so when you can create a popular game then you’ll be famous. Everyone else in Roblox will see you as super talented person and they will be trying to make friends with you. And yes, it will be so much easier for you to get girlfriend or boyfriend as well.


2. Become Large Group’s Owner

Now another way to become famous is by creating a group and developing it until it becomes large group. You’ll get a lot of fans.

3. Become Successful YouTuber

Just like in real world, in Roblox you can also be a YouTuber. And once you become famous YouTuber, you’ll become very famous. Everyone will know about you and admire you as well.

4. Create Popular Copied Game

Okay, you can also be famous as copier. What you have to do is to create the most popular copied game. Well, you’ll be known not as original creator but who cares, you’re famous right? So, there is nothing wrong about it.

5. Become Roblox Admin or Staff

Just like other community, admin is a person who is respected by the members. So, when you get a position to become staff or admin in Roblox, you will be famous in no time.

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