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There are some ways to escape Jailbreak on Roblox such as punching the power box, blowing up a wall, getting a keycard, climbing one of the posts, crawling under the fence, glitch out, etc. These each way allows a Prisoner to escape the prison. We are sure that you are looking for the information about ways to escape Jailbreak on Roblox. Well, in this article we are going to share 5 ways to escape Jailbreak on Roblox.

Let us read its explanation in the text below.

1. Punching the Box

The first way to escape Jailbreak on Roblox is by punching the box. This is a little bit harder but still easy. It is start by punching the box which says “Don’t punch me.” After you punch 10 times, so the gate is going to open for you. But you have to be careful, in escaping Jailbreak on Roblox is by punching the box makes you guilty so Police is able to arrest you. Please walk through it. You are able to turn right and you are going to see more fences. Please go to the second fence from the left, then hold E or press to lift the gate. After that, you are able to crawl under the ditch by the exit of the Prison, or you are able also to back up a police car against the fence behind it then use it as a boost and jump over the fence or ramp out of prison. Finally, you have to walk over to the car spawn, and you escaped successfully.

2. Using A Keycard

The second way to escape Jailbreak on Roblox is by using a Keycard. Actually, to get a keycard is able to be very hard to obtain, but to do this way, you are able to ask a help from your friends or cop bribing it become easy. Besides that, by pickpocketing a random officer is also become the great option. However, you have to be careful because after you do it, they are going to be alerted and maybe you are going to be arrested. To get a keycard, you are able also to use a pistol. Once you have the pistol, you are able to shoot a police officer so that the police officer can drop a Keycard which you need.

3. Blowing Up A Wall

This third way is very simple, but you have to know that this way is quite dangerous because you can’t see the police once you escape (unless you use the Mini map). All you have to do is go outside and go to the wall between the two fences to the right of the Visitors Building and explode the wall. Then you are able to jump in a waiting car or run across the front face of the Prison daringly to get to the camaro spawn.

4. Kitchen

This way need to use a Keycard. So, please go to the kitchen door in the cafeteria and jump onto the cabinets. Crawl into a vent and keep going. It is going to lead you to the roof.

5. Watchtowers

You have to find any of the watchtowers and use the Keycard to go through the door. After that, you are able to climb up the ladder and then jump outside the prison.

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