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In Roblox there are terms of ODing and ODers. What are the meanings of them? ODing is Online dating which means that the practice of searching for a romantic or sexual partner. Then, what is ODers? It is people who online date which means that they are the doer of online dating. This kind of activity is actually forbidden by various internet communities and it includes in Roblox. This activity is against the rules if conduct in Roblox. Anyone who joins in this kind of activity said activities risks punishment to their account.

In Roblox, there are multiple stereotypes which have formed regarding ODers (online daters). Players often stereotype Oders as avatars whose the characters dress as realistically as possible. Some items which are usually used by Oders are certain packages, faces, accessories and clothing. So, players who wear those items are often supposed as ODers. Well, because online dating in Roblox is forbidden and we also know that it is not good for kids, there is a video in Youtube that you can watch about Oders.

The title is 5 Ways to Stop an Online Dater on Roblox. The video was uploaded by FUDZ on May 6, 2017 and has been watched more than 2,2 million times with 25K likes and 1,4K dislikes. In the video, you are able to see that the girl pulls the collar of the boy. Then, you also will see a girl with short hair and a boy with hat communicate each other but we cannot see the real dialogues because it appears as hashtags which means that the sentences of them are forbidden. It seems that the boy invite the girl to date. But then, the girl kick the boy. Then, you can also watch that you can stop oders by using sling shot.

When you see a girl who seem that she is an oder then, you can throw her to the box with sling shot. Then, pull the slingshot and let it go so that the girl will go away. You also can stop online dating by roleplay way. In the video, you can see that the boy brings the stroller and bring the girl in it. Then, you can see that they hop several times and then the girl fall from the stroller and she floats off in the waterfall. Taking the oder out is also next way that you can do to stop Oders. If she invite you to go to somewhere, then you can bring her to the dangerous place. In the video, you can see that they go to a roof and then something hits the girl until the girl almost fall at the edge of the roof. But then, the boy push her hands so that the girl falls from the roof.

Well, this video is funny. You are able to watch it until the end of the video. Then, you may be able to apply what he did in the video to stop online dating in Roblox.

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