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Even in Roblox world, you can do prank just like the real world. And it is also as fun as in real world. The moment when you can successfully troll is one of the best moments in playing Roblox besides the moment you get a girlfriend of course. So, you must have the best strategies to troll in Roblox. You cannot just roaming around and troll everyone in Roblox. You have to act smartly.

Since the act of trolling consists of different elements, you have to prepare each of them independently. That’s important so you can avoid getting caught. If you haven’t had any excellent ideas in trolling, copy one of the 5 best ways to troll explained below.

1. Destroy a Game

While everyone else is creating a game, you are destroying it. Exactly, it’s an excellent idea to troll. It does involved destroying someone else’s hard work but it’s troll anyway.  So, there has to be some sacrifices. So, what you do is to enter someone else’s game, bring a weapon like gun or bomb and destroy the game.

2. Spam

Another fun and great idea to troll is by spamming. So, you enter someone else’s game and start spamming. They will get mad and you’ll get all the fun.

3. Fake Advertise

So, you place some kind of advertisement object on the street and wait somebody to approach. This funny object will soon attract the attention. And once another person approaches and makes fun with it, kill him/her. It’s a authentic troll idea anyway.

4. Betray a Team

Suppose you are working with a team. The other team members have also working so hard to win. But, you on the other hand are planning to betray them. This betrayal act is definitely an excellent way to troll.


5. Stalk Somebody

Well, even the act of stalking can be funny idea to troll. So, make sure you stalk him/her to his/her house to make sure he/she totally freaks out.

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