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Mining Simulator is one of favorite games as you can see that the visitors of this game until now has reached more than 339 million. This game is created by Runway Rumble on February 13, 2018 and the last update was on October 13, 2018. This game is able to be played by 10 maximum players and now it is favorited by more than 1 million people and it is liked by more than 609,000 people. So, what is the game about?

In this game, you will be permitted to mine for gold and other rare materials to sell for coins and to use the money to upgrade supplies or buy cosmetics and other things. This is a simple mining game and you will begin with a default pickaxe (Wooden Pickaxe) and backpack (Small Backpack). You are able to work your way up to the best gears and cosmetics.

You will find a mining area which is the first layer covered with grass, and then dirt, and then stone and so on. Besides, there are also ores which you are able to mine like Silver, Coal, Quartz, Gold, Pezzottaite, Sapphire and more. Other subworlds exist in the game with themes and mining areas which are different and containing different ores. Also, there are shops which sell different types of tools and backpacks.

As you can see in the title that we are going to give you 55 Legendary Roblox Mining Simulator Codes. What are they? Here they are.

  • Danger
  • Rebirth
  • GummyBears
  • Ore
  • Momma
  • Silver
  • Pumped
  • Fans
  • Crainer
  • CrainerGamer
  • Candy
  • Mission
  • RumbleStudios
  •  Dino
  •  Selfie
  •  Cool
  •  Money
  •  Pets
  • Testingthing
  • Eggs
  • Aliens
  • Epic
  • Bunny
  • Easter
  • Rumble
  • Sweets
  • Abstract
  • Lollipop
  • Quests
  • Cave
  • IceCream
  • HiddenTreasure
  •  Lotsofcoins
  • Comic
  • Morehats
  • Secret
  • Eggo!
  • Hats!
  • Update!
  • Jellybean
  • Coal
  • Rare
  • Pinkarmy
  • Pinkarmyskin
  • Defild is awesome
  • Defildplays
  • Defildplays2
  • Awesome
  • Isaac
  • Dabbin
  • Evenmorehats
  • Exclusive
  • Train
  • Arcade
  • Bear

You are able to enter those codes when you are playing Mining Simulator. If you enter the codes, you are able to get rewards and every code will give you different reward. Based on Roblox Wikia, this game is developed by ObscureEntity, JustMomma, KrixYaz and Nosniy. Then, the programmer is ObscureEntity, graphics is PumpedRobloxians and music by BSlickMusic. There are so many passes that you can buy in this game including 2x Dig, Infinite Storage, Nuke, Sprint, Teleporter Pad, VIP, Collapse Meter, Mythical Scythe, Private Mine, Skip/Next Crate, Auto Egg Equip, 2x Tokens, 2x Shiny Chance, Lucky Pass and 2x Candy Corn.

Besides, there are also some game badges that you are able to get and some of them are Mine 100 Blocks, Mine 500 Blocks, Mine 1K Blocks, Mine 5K Blocks, Mine 10K Blocks, Mine 50k Blocks, Mine 100K Blocks, Mine 500K Blocks, Mine 1M Blocks, Discover Coal, Strike Diamond and many others.

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