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Roblox is very much loved in the online gaming community because of its unique gaming experience. Known as an nline gaming platform, not only are its members given them opportunity to develop their very own virtual worlds, it also gives them the opportunity to self-create games to play within the platform. The last thing listed is exceptionally attractive to many game designers as this means they are able to earn money from the games they created – game designers are typically paid with Roblox’s own currency that is referred to as Robux, however, this can easily be converted to cash. Designed to be a family-friendly site that is safe for children, Roblox developed ban policy and has been firmly enforcing it. After thorough consideration, Roblox then developed appeals in order to fix unfair ban.

A ban typically occurs when a player knowingly violates the Roblox Privacy Policy and also its exhaustive list of Terms of Service. However, not everyone has the power to ban users (or in this case, violators) because the only ones who have the power to ban those who are proven to violate the TOS and Privacy Policy are Roblox admins. Admins or Administrators are the Roblox staff members or employees who work in Roblox’s San Mateo headquarters. Not only do they have the responsibility to keep the website running flawlessly on a daily basis, they also have the responsibility to moderate – hence the banning ability.

Roblox has developed various levels or types of ban depending on the severity of the violator’s misdeed, it ranges from “Forum Purge” to “Permanent IP ban.” Another type of ban are 1 day, 3 day, 7 day, and 14 day ban in which the violator’s game account is banned for the number of days stated on the official warning statement – should they still repeat their mistakes after the ban, it may result in account deletion or termination. On one side of the coin, this seemingly ruthless yet much applauded ban enforcement is needed in order to keep the gaming platform family-friendly. However, on the other side of the coin, there are various cases in which the ban is deemed unfair. This is the exact reason why Roblox developed appeals roblox com in the first place.

The ban policy enforcement has been garnering mixed reviews, some praise the corporation’s serious approach to those who violate the policies, however some critic the execution. Roblox has since been known to ban and terminate accounts of users who did not even violate their TOS or privacy policies. Take a look at its forum and you’ll see how many of them complain about being banned as well as terminated for insufficient reason, and the most appealing yet, some of them have been banned for no reason whatsoever. Due to this cases, Roblox highly encourages users or players whose accounts have been banned, terminated or given a stern warning to appeal the action through its official email over at appeals within 21 days. If they fail to appeal the action during the period given, their accounts will simply not be reopened.

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  1. I was mad I really need my username and password back I was banned for 3days and again and I think I won’t get my username back cries if I get it back my friend is gonna be worried I said that because I was involved in it and I need it back plz

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