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Roblox Assassin is a game in Roblox that was created by prisman on March 9, 2016. The game was updated on August 22, 2018. It is categorized into fighting genre and now it has been visited more than 500 million times. This game can be played by 8 maximum players per server.

Probably, you are one of Roblox Assassin players, so you are at this page to find out the information related Roblox Assassin especially the Roblox Assassin Exotic knife codes. If you want to find out that information, make sure that you do not go anywhere because from this article you are able to get the information you need.

For those who like playing the game of Roblox Assassin, you may know that on the game, you have to collect dozens of knives, hunt your target, get your reputation as the ultimate Assassin and be the last standing. By the way, how lots of knives that you have already collected? What kind of knives? Have you ever got the exotic knife? Well, here in this article, we are going to share Assassin exotic knife variants.

On the game, you will be able to find exotic variants and special exotic variants.


There are exotic variants of Assassin knife. Those are Electron (Exotic Knife), Flame Mace (Exotic Knife), Overseer (Exotic Knife), Dark Scythe (Exotic Knife) and Dragon Breath (Exotic Knife).


For the special exotic variants of Assassin knife, those are Water (Exotic Knife), Fire (Exotic Knife), Air (Exotic Knife) and Earth (Exotic Knife). For your information, those special exotic weapons can be obtained only from the special limited time cases or the events. So, we suggest you to do not try getting one from the other occasions because it only wasting your time.

Besides exotic variants and special exotic variants, on the game, you also will find other knife variants including common variants, rare variants and legendary variants.


There are Common Variants of Assassin knife Value including Orange (Common Knife), Green (Common Knife), Blue (Common Knife), Yellow (Common Knife), Purple (Common Knife), Pebble (Common Knife), Plank [Common Knife), Pink (Common Knife), Plated (Common Knife), Frost (Common Knife), Medic (Common Knife), Smooth (Common Knife), Rusted (Common Knife) and Brick (Common Knife).


For the Rare Variants, there are Cow (Rare Knife), Money (Rare Knife), Swirls (Rare Knife), Reptile (Rare Knife), Hippy (Rare Knife), Crimson (Rare Knife), Sunrise (Rare Knife), Colors (Rare Knife), and MLG (Rare Knife).


There are Legendary Variants of Assassin knife. Those are Galaxy (Legendary Knife), Digital (Legendary Knife), Bubblegum Kraken (Legendary Knife), Tropical Kraken (Legendary Knife), Waves Kraken (Legendary Knife), King of Hearts (Legendary Knife), Kraken (Legendary Knife), Toon Kraken (Legendary Knife), Corrupted Kraken (Legendary Knife), Molten Kraken (Legendary Knife) and Camo Kraken (Legendary Knife).

In addition, if you want to update the information about Roblox Assassin game like the news, updates and mainly about the codes, so you can follow the creator of the game on Twitter @prismangames. Aside from that, there are also Assassin Community where you can share, discuss and get information with other Assassin players.

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