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Have you heard about Asshurt Injector? If you search about it in your browser, then you will find a website of It is Roblox multitool and will make the games you live easier. The product features Sirhurt, Asshurt Command, Asshurt Password Tester, and Asset Downloader. Let’s find out the function of those features.

  • Sirhurt. You are able to easily execute LUA code in your favorite games.
  • Asshurt Command. You are able to easily execute prebuild commands to avoid the hassle of making your scripts.
  • Asshurt Password Tester. It can test combos in attempts to remember your forgotten passwords for Roblox.
  • Asset Downloader. If you lose a template to a shirt that you uploaded, you will easily get it with this tool.

By having this tool, you will take advantage of asshurt’s features to make profit or gave fun. What advantages that we get if we use this tool?

  • This tool is easy to use software.
  • It is easily portable to other pc’s or accounts.
  • This tool has 3+ years in existence.
  • It is fast updating.
  • It is secure exploit.
  • It is easy whitelist setup.
  • Sirhurt supports RemoteSpy/Dex.
  • It also supports Instance Caching.

If you want to have this tool, you just simply click on Buy Now. Before you click on the button, you may want to know about the price. In the site it is described that for purchasing Robux (4.50$ = 1,000), the price is $4.50 per 1k. The price may change depending on demand. For 30 day subscription (package 2), the price is $3.00 per month. Every feature includes one month access, all asshurt software, undetected by Roblox, SirHurt, and any Roblox account. For package 2 (HWID), the price is $10.00 (lifetime). Every feature includes lifetime access, all asshurt programs, undetected by Roblox, Sirhurt, and any account.

Besides this site, there is also other sites which offer Asshurt file such as in and In those websites, you just need to click on Download and it is free. Here, we provide you the installation instructions of it in

  • First, you have to download the exploit and you have to do that by hitting the download button in the website.
  • Then, unzip the WinZIP Archive to your Desktop.
  • After that, you have to turn off all your antiviruses which include Windows Defender – Real Time protection.
  • Now, join any game that you would like to play.
  • At last, open the exploit folder and then run [Exploit-Name] Auto-Injector.exe. Now, you can enjoy exploiting your game.

If you decide to download Asshurt in, you can hit the blue download button. This Asshurt.vmp.dll has 765.5 KB. When an app needs Asshurt.vmp.dll, Windows will check the app and system folders for this file. If the file is missing, you will get an error and the app may not function properly. To fix that error, you can re-install the app which needs Asshurt.vmp.dll, update the app to the recent version, install all Windows updates and any available driver updates, download and install Asshurt.vmp.dll or clean your registry and optimize your pc.

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