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Roblox may only be a community-created online gaming platform to some, but to many it is the ultimate doorway between your imagination and the real world. Not only does Roblox give everyone, including children, a safe gaming environment and various engaging games that are accessible from and compatible with various devices, Roblox also gives them the opportunity to create – to children and those who are so inclined, Roblox also holds an educational power for the platform is undeniably the best way to start learning the basic of computer engineering. A Roblox player has the freedom to create their own game and through a moderated forum that makes it possible for them to chat and meet – there they may discuss on how to code and build and even collaborate on various projects.

In the Roblox world, there are various tools or gears that can be used by Roblox player that is considered as catalog items. There are about 1,090 of catalog items in total which are classified into its designated genre. The aforementioned genres are as follows: Melee Weapon, Explosive, Ranged Weapon, Power Up, Musical Instruments, Navigation Enhancers, Building Tools, Personal Transport, and Social Items. But, if there is one gear that is well-liked by a large number of players, it’s definitely the Ban Hammer from the Melee Weapon genre.

If you are a new Roblox player, or if you just happen to have been living under a rock, and you have no idea what this Ban Hammer is and how big of a deal that is, you are truly missing out. The Ban Hammer is a hammer that is incredibly massive in size with a blue and black color. While this weapon makes an sound of explosion upon being used, there is no explosion nor noticeable damage. However, when this weapon is double clicked on a player, it can either knock them down or send them far away as a result. The Ban Hammer reportedly also has the ability to ban players. With that being said, before you get excited and ask the widely asked “so how do I get the weapon?” question, let me give you the disappointing answer: there is no way you can do in order to acquire the Ban Hammer.

The Ban Hammer cannot be obtained by any Roblox player, instead it is given exclusively as a gift to Roblox staff members and moderators, the only exception to the rule is the three known Roblox players who were given this unique Melee Weapon as a thank you gift for having fixed the broken Ban Hammer and give the working model to the team of Roblox. However, if you are really determined to get it, you may search a model of it on the public domain model’s section and go to the Roblox Studio to place it in the starterpack section in your Roblox Studio. Should the moderators or administrators lost their privileges, no matter what the reason is, the gear will still be in theirs and can be used as per usual.

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