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It is stated that becoming a secret spy in Roblox means that you will join the training camp to be the secret spy. In a thing called the secret agent theme, you will be able to find a lot of wooden blocks which are called “poops”. They are spread everywhere and can block your way. Do you what to know what you have to do to pass the blocking blocks? The answer is quite easy. All that you have to do is to jump over those blocking blocks to make yourself in fine position. If you are failed to jump over or bump into them, you can die eventually. Thus, you have to be more careful.

In the beginning, there is a super car that you can see. This kind of vehicle is the one that you can use to go through the mission. It is more like the powerful car that has something to defense you from everything that comes from the outside world. If you are wondering you can ride it or not, the answer to the question is no. Apparently, you cannot do it when you are still a trainee. Another thing that you can see is the super-secret agent wall weapons which are located in the same area. Each type of weapon that will be able to accompany you on the mission is well-managed behind the glass. Once you look at all of them, you will start to join the training.

This following paragraph is the method to be a secret spy in Roblox. The first thing that you have to do is to enter the room with a lot of boxes like lego known as training room. When you see those, you have to jump through this as a secret agent. Do not forget the safety. You will be considered as a worst spy if you fall. At the beginning, it must be hard for you as you tend to always fall. As the time passes, everything will be fine by practicing. Remember that you have to down the tunnel and see more doors. If you can get through the first training, then you can board a helicopter to begin your first mission.

In the main mission, there are many snipers that will always ready to shoot you. All of them will not be able to move unless you cross the red zone. Aside from that, there are also bear traps. Then, you need to get on tower so you can discover another way into the base. Grapple is the best option you have. It is better for you to open the base quickly. In the next stage, you fill face traps there. Please take a note to not to touch the lava which looks like nuclear acid. Keep grapple and cross those events as soon as possible. Also, please keep being careful with the snipers. Once you passed all the obstacles, you will be able to ride the helicopter and go to HQ to claim your reward.

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