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The most popular players on Roblox must have this top hats, it will save your Robux because you can still look cool with cheap price. Although you are not yet a Builders Club or a rich guy, become fashionable is possible for you. I share some high quality hats with affordable price an average of just under R$100, I’m sure almost every roblox player can buy it, so you don’t need try some Robux Generators for money.

Roblox Hat Red Animal Hood
Red Animal Hood – R$50

This hat has sold more than 50,000 pieces and suitable for use with any of your outfits. Cheap price but not cheap, good design on back of hood. Try this one!

Roblox Hat Snowchet Cap
Snowchet Cap – R$30

Lovely grandma will make this crochet snow hat for winter with the style of snow on it. I see on Roblox catalog it has 23,644 sales and 2,147 favorites. It only work for winter outfits and you must OBC.

Roblox Hat Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People

Roblox Hat Beautiful Brown Hair for Beautiful People
Beautiful Brown Hair for Beautiful People – R$95

“Beautiful Black/Brown Hair for Beautiful People” is the hat of the most popular and most widely used in Roblox. No matter you are girl or boy, it is definitely suits worn by anyone. Black or brown color has the same price of only R$95.

Roblox Hat Paper Hat
Paper Hat

Paper hat is very unique, simple and retro. Cheap but cool!

Roblox Hat New York Cap

New York Cap worth for the most crowded cities in the U.S. as the city never sleeps. It go into my collection!

Roblox Hat UMADBRO Cap

Yo..yo..bro!! try this UMadBro Cap if want to look handsome.

Roblox Hat L8r Sk8r

In the catalog we can see many types of hats for a skater, but my favorite is L8r Sk8r, I think a skater boy/girl also should have this one.

Roblox Hat Puffer Fish

When I wore a Puffer Fish looks silly and stupid but funny, there is fish mouth with lipstick LOL..OMG!!

Roblox Hat Puffer Fish 2

I like this to show off to my friends.

Roblox Hat Nerd Glasses

One of the most items sold (best seller) in Roblox is Nerd Glasses are suitable for all outfits. I recommend it!

Roblox Hat Hibiscus Porkpie

Maybe some of you do not like this simple hat like me, but I think the Hibiscus Porkpie is fit for any outfits and cool weared by girl or boy!


roblox game catalog heaven

Just Play a Roblox game ‘Catalog Heaven‘ to try every hat for free before you buy it. And also you can play other games such as gear, faces, packages, etc..

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