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What makes you interested in playing Roblox? What type of Roblox game that you love? Do you like the simulator game in Roblox? and do you ever hear the game of Billionaire Simulator in Roblox? If you ever heard the game of Billionaire but you do not play it yet, it is time for you to explore this game. So, stay tune!

Billionaire Simulator is a kind of simulator game in Roblox that give you a chance to be a richest player. In this game, you can start your business by exploring or adventure one business at a time. Besides, you can also expand your business to become stinking rich. This game was created by DoubleJumpGames on November 15, 2018 with the recent update on October 18, 2019. This game can be called as a favorite game for some players. It is proven in which it has been visited by 46.2 million and favored more than 473K users. This game allows 8 maximum players per server. Until now, this game has been played by 210 Roblox players. So, choosing this game to play is not totally wrong as well.

The good news is this game provide some promo codes that can be redeemed to get the rewards. Many Roblox players has tried to use this code, evidently, the codes are still workable. Here are some Roblox Billionaire Simulator Codes:

  • Stardust

The first code is stardust that was released on November 28, 2018. You can get this code after you have completed the tutorial in the Cosmic Countdown. In this code, you will be allowed to click the settings button revealing the code.

  • snowflake

The second code of Billionaire Simulator is snowflake. This code is unknown for the release date. But, you can find the location of the code in the description of the game. Unfortunately, the description is so limited so that you cannot find it.

Based on the official page of Billionaire Simulator Codes site on Wiki, you have to be careful by using this code because it is so sensitive. It means that the both codes will work the same.

Because of the game focuses on business, so, we wil mention the kinds of business that you can buy. Here are the lists!

  • Dairy Shop: The price is $60.
  • Bakery: The price is $720
  • Pizza Place: The price is $8.6K
  • Ice Cream Shop: The price is $103.7K
  • Doughnut Shop: The price is $1.2 Million
  • Burger Shop: The price is $14.9 Million
  • Factory: The price is$179.2 Million
  • Police Station: The price is $2.1 Billion
  • Government: The price is $25.8 Billion
  • Money Button: The price is $200 Billion
  • Solar Farm: The price is 18.7 Million Moon Bucks
  • Hot dog Stand: The price is unknown
  • Rover: The price is unknown
  • Observatory: The price is unknown
  • Bio dome: The price is unknown
  • Invisibility Testing: The price is unknown
  • Radar Station: The price is unknown

Well, need to know that the business can be upgraded anytime. So, you have to be ready to start your business in playing this game. So, get started to play this game soon!

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