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In Roblox Bloxburg game, we are able to find a lot of appliances for our kitchen. If you have a lot of money in Bloxburg, you are able to have any appliances for your lovely kitchen. Can we have a deep fryer? Yes, you can find it in Build Mode of Bloxburg game.

If you want to buy appliances in Bloxburg game, you are able to find it in Build Mode section. The items in appliances can be used to make food and to increase the Cooking skill. If you want to have a deep fryer, you are able to find it in two types. Those are FASTFry Fryer and Commercial Fryer. What are the difference between these two fryers?

  • FASTFry Fryer. This is an ordinary countertop fryer. Th quality of this appliance is 3 and the reliability is 2. This appliance costs $600 and it can be used to fry Sprinkle Donuts.
  • Commercial Fryer. This is a heavy-duty commercial fryer for professional cooking. The quality of this appliance is 10 and the reliability is 10 as well. It costs $3,000 and it can be used to fry Sprinkle Donuts.

Deep fryer can be used for deep frying. Do you know what deep frying is? It is a cooking method where the food is submerged in hot oil.

Some of the other appliances that are available on Build Mode are as listed below:

  • KitchenLite Kettle costs $105.
  • KitchenLite Toaster costs $120.
  • KitchenLite Coffee Maker costs $140.
  • Cabinet Hood costs $175.
  • Metallic Kettle costs $200.
  • Basic Hood costs $200.
  • Basic Island Hood costs $230.
  • Cooler costs $245.
  • Blender costs $250.
  • Metallic Toaster costs $260.
  • Large Metal Hood costs $260.
  • ProChef Barbecue Grill costs $5,000.
  • Beverage Fridge costs B$85.
  • Ice Cream Machine costs B$100.
  • Popcorn Machine costs B$200.

There are still more other appliances that you are able to buy in the Build Mode section so you are able to check it directly if you want to know more or if you want to buy them.

It is no wonder why there are appliances in this game and you can put them in your house especially in your kitchen. It is because in Roblox, you are able to cook. In Bloxburg, cooking is one of the skills so that you are able to cook various dishes. If you cook more dishes, you will get the higher skill rank. The dishes that you make can be eaten by other players and helps with the hunger mood. If you want to cook, you have to follow a variety of steps where you are able to bake, garnish, fry, deep fry, grill, mix, boil, cut, stir, form and roll.

Cooking in Bloxburg is the only skill which have benefit where your skill will increase and then you are able to unlock different types of Food. So, if you want to increase your cooking skill in this game, you are able to buy the deep fryer that we mentioned above to support your cooking activity.

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