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Do you like playing Boho Salon? If now you are playing Boho Salon and you want to know about the answers for Receptionist, you come to the right place. In this article we are going to discuss about it so make sure that you do not miss any information.

Boho Salon is a role playing game owned by Lalakiela. This game is known for its main game Boho Salon V3 and the rapid growth in late 2016. Boho Salon game was created on July 3rd, 2016 and it can be played by 50 maximum players. Now, this game has been visited more than 31.7 million times and it has been favorited more than 250k times. In this salon game, you are able to dress up and show off your looks. Besides, you are also able to get a job and embrace your fashion senses by giving makeovers to other people. If you want to work in Boho Salon, you have to join the group of Boho Salon in Roblox and take the quiz for the department that you want to work in. In the Boho Salon, they offer hair care, message treatment, wash and dry services, child care, makeovers and new styles.

In this game, you may want to work as a Receptionist so that now you need the answers of the tests. For your information, at Boho Salon, there are specific ranks for each service which is offered and every employee can work any service offered at the salon. If you choose to work as a Receptionist, this position is in the middle rank and the receptionist will help clients make appointments.

If you are interested in being a Receptionist, it is better for you to learn the answers of the quiz  questions below so that you may be able to pass.

Q: If you were to see an inappropriate card given to someone by a worker, what would you do?
A: We have to report it to a HR with screenshot proof.

Q: What do you do if someone is being mean to the customers? 
A: We have to tell them to stop and if they don’t stop, screenshot what they are doing and send it.

Q: Which end greeting is best?
A: Thank for coming! Hope you come back again.

Q: What’s the slogan of Boho Salon?
A: Where the weaves start!

Q: How do you operate the tanning beds?
A: Press F/ tap and select a color.

Q: What is the name of rank number [3]?
A: Children Career.

Q: How should you greet a client when they arrive at Boho Salon?
A: Kindness and proper grammar.

Q: What do you do if a client is unsatisfied with your work?
A: Offer to change/ redo their look until they are satisfied.

Q: Which LR gives makeovers?
A: Makeup artist.

Q: How many points do you need to be a Senior Stylist?
A: 1000 points.

Q: Boho Salon won the 2017 Bloxxy for which category?
A: Best Clothing group.

Q: What is the first thing that you have to do to give a makeover?
A: Ask the customer for the appearance they want.

Well, those are just some of the questions which can appear in the tests and you can learn it so that you can answer it correctly in Boho Salon.

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