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Have you ever heard of Breaking Point game in Roblox? What do you know about this game? Or do you understand to use secret command when playing Breaking Point? If you do not know about this game for detail yet, absolutely you have to understand first before playing this game. Keep staying on this page!

If we talk about Roblox Breaking Point game, actually we can say that to play this game needs a great highly bravery. How come? In this game, you are allowed to kill each other who join with this game. For detail, Breaking Point is a game in which players sit in a table undertaking to kill each other. Who is the winner? You can be a winner if you are successful to stand lastly. It means that the winner is the last standing player.

Although this game is involved into genre of thriller, but it is so fun to play. In fact, there are many players who prefer this game as favorite in Roblox. That’s proven in which more than 3K players and 188.3 Million users who have been visited. This game is allowed the users for a maximum of 16 players per server. The Breaking Point was created by Paradox on February 8, 2017 with the recent update on November 18, 2019. It is also included into horror and thriller genre.

Then, how about Breaking Point Secret Command? If you want to play this game, actually you should understand for the command. Indeed, command in this game can be mentioned as the main thing to unleash the action. Without any command, we are sure that this game will not be attractive and inviting to play. Secret command in Breaking Point can be mentioned as the unusual and common command. It means that this secret command can be a hidden instruction in which not everyone understand for this command.

So, if you desire to know the secret command in Breaking Point game, you can see them in the below.

  • !vote [MAP NAME]: command to choose the map
  • !richest: command to display the richest person in the server
  • !join [GAMEMODE]: command to join a game-mode instantly
  • !mute: command to mute the radios
  • /hidet: command to hides knife trail
  • /showt: command to shows knife trail
  • !hangman: command for animals and movies
  • /e no: command to purchase from shop
  • /e bow: command to purchase from shop
  • /e rain: command to get 1000 Robux exclusive event
  • .roll: command to roles a dice
  • .groupleaderboard: command to shows top 3 Clans with most wins

Well, you already know for secret command of Breaking Point game. So, it is time for you to play this game soon. As most Roblox players feel, this game can be a choice for you who want to feel something scary and horrible. Indeed, this game is covered as good as possible and make lots of players so curious about this game. It is no wonder if this game is mostly played by Roblox users. So, how about you?

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