Buying The Infinite Pet Gamepass In Pet Simulator *40K Robux* 5/5 (1)

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For those who play a game called the Pet Simulator on Roblox and want to buy the Infinite Pet Gamepass, yo are in the right place as you will be informed about the gameapsses in Pet Simulator. Each gamepass offered by Roblox has different price with different advantages. Here is the information about the gamepass, along with the description and the price. So, you can colculate which gamepasses that you can purchase if you have around 40K Robux.

Lets see the table below!

Name Description Price
2x Coins It is able to double the coins you pick up R$ 250
100 Max Pets You can store 100 pets instead of 25. This stacks with 500 Max Pets (600 in total) R$ 125
8 Pets Equipped You can equip 8 pets at once instead of 3. This one should be available. If you are still having the problems, just contact the customer service R$ 350
VIP You can join the Premium VIP club that includes sprint, 1.5x XP, and VIP chat lag R$ 175
2x XP You can do pets level up 2x faster R$ 199
2x Upgrade Points You can earn the extra upgrade point each level up R$ 85
Infinite Pets Equipped You can equip as many as pets as you want. Basically, there is no limit. However, please take a note that this does not stack with the 7 oets equipped gamepass R$ 39,999
Pet Cloner Every egg will give the additional 2 clones of the pet that you hatch. This one is very helpful when trying to get a lot of rare pets R$ 2,399
500 Max Pets You can store 500 pets instead of 25. Those stacks are with 100 Max Pets (600 in total) R$ 699
Lucky With this one, you can increase your chances of hatching rare pets from eggs dramatically R$ 99
Super Lucky You can increase the chance of gainning pets by 20x (Stacks) R$ 899
Lucky Rainbow Pets You can increases the chance of gainning rainbow pets by 5x R$ 129
Teleport You can teleport to any unlocked part of the map instantly without any cooldown R$30
Super Pet Collection With tis one, the pets will collect triple the speed than normal, permanently. R$499
100 Max Hats You can store 100 hats instead of 10 R$300

40K Robux is a large amount of Robux. By having this amount, you are able to purchase more than one gamepass. Feel free to purchase the one that you want. Before purchasing it, it is better for you to consider everything. If 40K Robux is the only Robux that you have, you are better not to spend them all. Just spend some of them and leave the rest on your pocket. In this case, you are recommended to purchase the one that has the best advantage. Please calculate everything before making a decision. If yo are not so good on this kind of thing, you might want to seek a help from the others.

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