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In Roblox games, you can customize your characters in the games by changing the outfits they wear, such as shirts, hats, accessories as well as other junks that are useless for you in the games. You don’t have to know any specific char codes Roblox because you can customize the characters any time needed from the main menu in the games. To change the look of the characters, you can purchase new clothes from the Tix and Robux. Yet, you also can choose from the free stuff. It is easy to customize the Roblox character, no matter what style you want to have.

Change the Character Appearance

Follow some steps below to change the appearance of your characters in the game.

  • Login to your Roblox account by entering your email address and password.
  • On the upper right corner, choose the Character inside the menu. You will see three bars horizontally. You can customize your characters through the menu so that you can change the look and also add the new swags you purchased from the stores.
  • Opt a new t-shirt. It will become the most visible change and the options of the t-shirts will appear besides your character inside the boxes. Choose one t-shirt for your character.
  • Change the rest of the character’s body by clicking every part of the body. It will enable you to choose the items, accessories and customization. For the free accessories, the maximum amounts to wear are 3 hats, 1 pants, 1 shirt, 1 face, 2 legs and arms, 1 gear and 1 package.
  • When the customization finished, click the small gear icon above the character Roblox. Click the icon and then select Wear to make the new customized outfit activated.

Add More New Clothing

If the free clothes and accessories are not enough to make your character good looking, you can get more clothing by purchase them from the Tix and Robux.

  • Get the free 10 Tix daily by becoming the Builder’s Clun member. Then you can use it to login and play.
  • Besides, you also can get the Tix by playing the game or purchase in bundles from the Roblox. It will become currency to purchase anything in the catalog.
  • Meanwhile, as a member of the Builder’s Club, you can sell the old t-shirts, accessories, etc. and then keep 70% from the incomes. You also can develop games on Roblox and use the advertisements to make money in the game.
  • Customize Character by Purchasing from Catalog. Changing the character look can also be done by purchasing the outfits from the catalog. Click the Catalog inside the Roblox website. Choose any item you need to customize your character and no Roblox cheat codes needed here.
  • Purchase more gears that also can become the equipment to customize your character. The items purchased will appear inside the menu that comes in three lines in green color. Click the menu and select Character to make more customization. Then you can have new stuff from the customization of the Roblox character.

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