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In Roblox, there are a wide variety of games that you are able to play. The genres ranges from fighting, sport, RPG, sci-fi, medieval, military, naval, town and city, adventure and horror. What is your favourite genre? What games that do you usually play in Roblox? If you go to the Games section, you will be able to find the games based on certain category such as popularity, top earning, top rated, recommended and featured.

Vehicle Simulator is one of games that you can find in popular section, top earning section and also top rated section. No wonder why this game can appear in those three category because until now this game has been visited more than 241 million times. In this article, we are actually going to show you the codes of Vehicle Simulator that you can use. But, before we go to the main topic, let’s find out first about this game.

Vehicle Simulator is a game which was created by Simbuilder. He created this game on August 10, 2014 and the last update was on October 4, 2014. This game is able to be played by 20 maximum players. Until now, this game which is categorized into Town and City genre has been favorited more than 1,800,000 times and liked by more than 561,000 times. In this game, you are going to enjoy your time in a big city. It is packed with unique vehicles, stunts, destructible objects, and many more. Besides, you are also able to customize your vehicle, cruise around, and also race your friend. There are three kinds of vehicles: land vehicles, sea vehicles and air vehicles. For land vehicles, there are Bugatti, BMW, Audi, Chevy, Ferrari, Dodge, Hummer, Nissan, Pagani, Lamborghini, Tesla, Toyota, and Volkswagen. For air vehicle, there is only Stunt Plane. And for sea vehicles, there are Speedboat and Jetski. There are some passes for this game that you have to buy including Radio for R$ 190, SWAT for R$ 300, Insanity for R$ 666, Pocket Auto Shop for R$ 290, Tow Truck Job for R$ 100, Incognito for R$ 30 and Transit for R$ 200. You also will get some badges including Meet The Mayor, Globetrotter, Road Warrior, Tweaker, Eat My Dust, Lost, New Sheriff in Town, Track Master, and Ex Hoc Mundo. Now, how about the codes?

You are able to find codes on the twitter account of Simbuilder @Simbuilder. Here, we have some any codes.

  • 1milfavs. The reward is $100,000.
  • Subscribe. The reward is $40,000.
  • Matrix. The reward is $50,000.
  • 100mVisits. The reward is $10,000.
  • Discord. The reward is $40,000.

Some of those codes may not work now. You are able to try one by one so that you will know which code which still work. In order to be up to date to the codes that are released by Simbuilder, it is recommended for you to follow his twitter account @Simbuilder. It is because he usually announce the new codes in his twitter account.

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