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On Roblox, there is a thing named Colorsequence Roblox. It is a sequence of Color3 values that indicating a change in color over time. If you are Roblox player, we think that you will be familiar with the Colorsequence Roblox. As we know that on Roblox, the users not only can play the Roblox games, but also create a game by using the Roblox Studio.

In creating a game, of course you are going to need colors for coloring the game. After that, to color a game, you have to create the appropriate colors. Well, at the moment, in this article, we will discuss about the Colorsequence Roblox. If you want to know its explanation, please read this article until finish.

CONSTRUCTORS (Color3 color).

This creates a sequence of two keypoints with the `color` to each value. (Color3 c0, Color3 c1).

This creates a sequence of two keypoints with ‘c0’ and ‘c1’ as the value. (array colors).

Description: Creates a sequence of ColorsequenceKeypoints.

There are some note that you have to know:

  • You must remember that it has to be at least 2 keypoints in the array.
  • All of the keypoints have to be ordered by the time.
  • In the array, there is only 20 keypoints.
  • Remember that the first keypoint’s time have to be 0. Then, for the last keypoint’s time have to be 1.


Array ColorSequence.Keypoints [readonly]

This array consists of ColorSequenceKeypoint values for the ColorSequence. This also construct a Colorsequence by using two colors.

local color1 = (0.5,1,0.5).

local color2 = (1,1,1).

local sequence = (color1,color2).

for _,keyPoint in pairs(sequence.Keypoints) do

print (“Time:”,keyPoint.Time,”Value:”,keyPoint.Value).



This ColorsequenceKeypoint reflect an individual keypoint in the Colorsequence of Roblox.


ColorsequenceKeypoint (float time, Color3 color)

Description: This constructs the ColorsequenceKeypoint with the specified time and color.


Float ColorSequenceKeypoint.Time

Description: The timestamp of this ColorsequenceKeypoint.

Color3 ColorsequenceKeypoint.Value

Description: The color of this ColorsequenceKeypoint.

There is also a thing named Colorsequence Editor. It is another new feature on Roblox Studio. Once you create a game, and like to use the particle effects, so you are able to use this Colorsequence editor for giving you the ability to customize the colors of your game. For this case, we rolled out a new graphical update for particles which is going to allow them to blend more seamlessly into the background. Besides that, this Colorsequence editor will also allow you to add up to twenty keypoints in the array. Then, it provides many design and color options. If you want to create more complex effects in your game, so you can edit multiple particle emitters simultaneously and stack them on top of one another.

Talking about coloring, in this article, we will also share some list of BrickColors on Roblox.

1. Color name: Earth orange, RGB: 98, 71, 50.

2. Color name: Dark grey, RGB: 109, 110, 108.

3. Color name: Bright green, RGB: 75, 151, 75.

4. Color name: Med. reddish violet, RGB: 196, 112, 160.

5. Color name: White, RGB: 242, 243, 243

6. Color name: Pastel Blue, RGB: 128, 187, 219

7. Color name: Bright red, RGB: 196, 40, 28.

8. Color name: Brick yellow, RGB: 215, 197, 154.

9. Color name: Lig. Yellowich orange, RGB: 243, 207, 155.

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