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For you who like playing Dinosaur simulator, we think that you will be familiar with Cyber Ichthyovenator. Is it alright? This Cyber Ichthyovenator is a skin that is cyborg variation of the Ichthyovenator. According to the research, there are no cybernetic enchantments included with this Cyborg variation (Cyber Ichthyovenator). Some people said that Cyber Ichthyovenator is as Cyber Ichthy. Then, there are also some people who call it as plain Cyber.

This Cyber Ichthyovenator is a skin for Ichthyovenator which is inspired by a Cyborg variation. We get information that some people well had known Cyborg as Robot. By the way, how does cost of Cyber Ichthyovenator? You have to know that the cost of DNA Icon (Cyber Ichthyovenator) is 20,000. We are able to say that the cost of Cyber Ichthyovenator is higher than other typical art skins as far now.

How is about appearance of Cyber Ichthyovenator? This Cyber Ichthyovenator has a full grey metal body and with lighter metal part that around Cyber Ichthyovenator’s arms, legs, head, and tail. Then, this Cyber Ichthyovenator has light blue eyes that very glowing. Besides that, Cyber Ichthyovenator has light blue spikes on its hand, some metal blue scythes on its hands which look like hooks, along with light blue toes. Next, this Cyber Ichthyovenator also has spikes on its back. We are able to conclude that this Cyber Ichthyovenator is as stiff as the Classic Irritator and the V2 Acrocanthosaurus.

Well, at the moment, in this article we want to share some basic information of this Cyber Ichthyovenator. Here are its explanations.


  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Classification: Terrestrial
  • Cost: 20,000
  • Trade able: Yes
  • Availability: Limited

As we said before that this Cyber Ichthyovenator is Carnivore. So, this Cyber Ichthyovenator always eats other dinosaurs to survive its life. Because must hunt and kill other dinosaurs for food and survive so this Cyber Ichthyovenator has a hefty amount of health and high damage. Besides that, Cyber Ichthyovenator is unlike Herbivore, this Cyber Ichthyovenator of course cannot eat plants. Cyber Ichthyovenator is just eats other dinosaurs to survive.

There are many other Carnivores including Achillobator, Albertosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus, Aegisuchus, Albino Terror, Avinychus, Baryonyx, Archelon, Arizonasaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Deinosuchus, Dilophosaurus Coelacanth, Carnotaurus, Coelphysis, Concavenator, Cretoxyyrhina, and many more. By the way, talk about this Cyber Ichthyovenator, we remind about Cyber Ichthyovenator by servez_2build. So, once you search Cyber Ichthyovenator from your browser, you will find this. Unfortunately, this item is not for sale. So, you cannot buy it now. For your information, Cyber Ichthyovenator by servez_2build has all genres. According to the research, on April 09, 2018, it was updated by servez_2build. This item has description that says it made by Sudomesh and animated by servez_2build.

Additionally, we will inform you that Cyber Ichthyovenator was the final skin that was released during the Black Friday event and the final Black Friday item in the 2017’s. Eventually, it will get a remodel. Then, it was based off of the C-Tech Ichthyovenator. It is an entry in the 2017 Spring Art Contest. It is the only art skin that lost in the contest but the featured was added.

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