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What is your favorite games in Roblox? As we know that there are a lot of games in Roblox that we are able to explore. So, it is not enough to play games in Roblox just for a minute. It is better for you to try to play as many as games in Roblox so that you can really find then most awesome games.

Dinosaur Simulator is one of awesome games. This game was created by ChickenEngineer. This game was created on March 19, 2015 and the last update was on October 14, 2018. After 3 years releasing, this game has been visited more than 115 million times. It is proved that people like this games. People can play this game with 16 maximum players. This game is categorized into RPG games, so if you like RPG genre, this game seems suitable for you.

Until now, this game has more than 790,000 favorites, more than 242,000 likes and more than 48,000 dislikes. In this game, you will play as one of the most amazing animals to walk the earth. You will play as a dinosaur as you try to avoid disasters, starvation, and predators. You need to form packs or herds. It is done to boost your chance of survival. Then, you need to grow old and raise hatching of your own. If you like playing this game, you may need code. And if you come to this site and read this article just to find Dinosaur Simulator Dodo Code, then we are going to give it. The code is 060398. This code can unlock Dodo skin for Avivimus. This is one of promos codes which was launched on September 1, 2015.

In case you want to use this code, you are able to click on Promo Codes in the main menu. After that, you need to enter the code and then you are able to redeem the code. Now, you are going to enjoy your new skin. Now, let’s find out about Dodo. Dodo or Raphus cucullatus is a bird which is extinct and it was around after the dinosaur age. They were stated extinct in 1681. However, the last sighting was confirmed in 1662. This dinosaur was said to eat nuts, fallen fruits, bulbs and crabs and it makes this dino unusual to be a Herbivore in Dinosaur Simulator. The Dodo is blue and it has a gray and black-tipped beak along with orange legs. Besides, it also has a white tail and it is made with a waddling animation when it walks or sprint. It also has a model which is very poor. Dodo used to be one of the cute dinosaur. It was overshadowed easily by the plush skins. This dino is classified into Terrestrial. Its height is 3 FT, its length is 5 FT and its weight is 10 LBS.

Well, you are able to use this code when you play Dinosaur Simulator. It is good if you have this skin because it is very cute as mentioned before. Moreover, if you like blue, then having this skin can be perfect for your dino.

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