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Music is very important in game, movie and also tv programs. Music has the ability to give soul, mood and atmosphere to the things that is shown so that the audience can feel what the actors feel in the show. In game, music is important in giving mood and atmosphere as well. For example, if you play a fighting game, the music must be tense. But, if you play a comedy games, the music must be funny.

In Roblox, there is a feature which enables you to add music to your place as background, as narration or even as sound effect. You can do that by paying some Robux and the amount of the Robux that you must pay depend on the length of the music. So, do you have a plan to upload a music? Or you have found the music that you are looking for in Roblox Library and you want to use it but you do not know the ID of the song. If the song which you are looking for is Dogsong and you want to use it, you come to the right site. In this opportunity, we are going to inform you about the ID of the Dogsong.

  • Death by Dogsong (uploaded by UltimateGoku542)

Code: 399548708

  • Undertale – Dogsong (uploaded by DuckEggsworth)

Code: 305138647

  • Undertale Dogsong (uploaded by non_hyphenated)

Code: 325591304

  • Dogsong (uploaded by Dekania)

Code: 330879668

  • Undertale – Dogsong Remix (uploaded by BigMeeboid)

Code: 480274122

  • Undertale – Dogsong… KAZOO’d! (uploaded by dual_diagnostic)

Code: 380439979

  • Dogsong – Undertale OST (uploaded by ApostropheDog)

Code: 313256816

  • Sad Gabe the Dog Song (this song was uploaded by lolkid007)

Code: 909418105

You are able to see in the list above , there are a lot of Dogsong songs which we find in the Roblox Library. If you want to use it, it is better for you to listen before to make sure that the song is a song which you are looking for. It is because every song may be different.

Well, you may want to add the music to your place but you do not know the steps to do that. Well, it is very easy to do. First, you need to find the music and then get the asset ID of the music. After that, you have to access Roblox Studio and open (edit) a place. Then, in the Explorer, you have to right click on Workspace and then choose Insert Object. Now, select Sound. Next, you need to choose new sound in the tree hierarchy and then in the window of Properties, for SoundID, you need to insert which is completed with the asset ID. After this, you need to enter a LocalScript into StarterGui and open the script. You need to delete all of the lines which are existing and then insert code: Workspace.Sound:Play(). At the end, you can publish the game to Roblox. If you are not able to discover the music which you want in the list above and even you have searched in the Library and you cannot find it. It means that you need to upload the music that you want to Roblox.

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