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If you have problem how to change email on roblox just follow my little instructions more or less the same when you verify email before.

First login to roblox and go to your settings.

verify roblox email

verify roblox email 2

Now, you see change email? If you don’t have that, it means you must have put like a 2000 year in your account when you first made it. LOL!

Look at mine!

change roblox email

You’re on Privacy mode… So it’s not gonna work unless you change it to a different age (year).

So, if you’re too lazy to do that, then get your mother/father or anyone.. And tell them to contact ROBLOX. They may need your password and user! (It’s completely safe! Trust me!). I’ve done it before, because I had the same problem as you guys before… Not working! But I contacted them and it worked!

Trust me! It works 🙂 So when you contact them, it may take 1 week or even a couple days for them to answer back. They are very busy! So I really hope this helps you!!! I really do!:)

Any questions? Please ask! But be polite! If you hate, please don’t comment…

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