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Do you love to listen song while playing game? What do you prefer for the kinds of music, it is original or edited? Or you are looking for new music that you can play on Roblox? If all questions are true, certainly you are a kind of curios person in which you want to try something new. If you are interested in edited music, you will like to stay on this page.

What exactly we would like to explain on this page? Definitely, it relates to edited music from original so that it has a new rhythm to listen. You probably know the kinds of edited music that make you love it as well. Certainly, for music lover, either original or edited can be a grateful thing that makes your brain getting cool and fresh. In fact, there are tons of people who have fallen in love with many kinds of music, it can be slow, loud even bass-boosted. Indeed, they will listen the music while do whatever they are doing including playing Roblox.

So as in the game of Roblox, there are tons of original music that has been edited into bypass, earrape, remix, bass-boosted and many more. One of them is flute music that we already know as the slow and calm music. But, this kind of music can be converted into other kinds of music. If you are interested in this kind of music, you have to look for the ID before add it.  So, if you want to know the flute IDs, you can search it on the library of Roblox.

Here are the some Roblox IDs of flute that you can find on Roblox library:

  • Flute by DTF: The ID code of this Roblox flute is 168121035. This was created on March 09, 2015 with 22 favorites.
  • Flute by sxdp: The ID code of this Roblox flute is 940001545. This was created on July 26, 2017 with 5 favorites.
  • Flute by IfoO: The ID code of this Roblox flute is 1199296086. This was created on November 25, 2017 with 45 favorites.
  • Flute by Roblox: The ID code of this Roblox flute is 1844328484.
  • LiL Flute by herbdoggey: The ID code of this Roblox flute is 1531165505. This was created on March 21, 2018 with 106 favorites.
  • Hypnotic Flute by Roblox: The ID code of this Roblox flute is 1847052807.
  • Flute by TrafficConeWizard: The ID code of this Roblox flute is 461724565. This was created on July 22, 2016 with 20 favorites.

Those are the IDs of Roblox flute originally. But, if you look for the flute earrape bypass Roblox ID, unfortunately we cannot show it for you. The flute earrape bypass ID on Roblox cannot be found on Library of Roblox. The flute earrape bypass can be mentioned as the edited music that is just uploaded by creators, not Roblox. So, if you want to get it, you may look for it for any sites such as musiccoder.com and many more.

Generally, those sites provide tons of edited music, they are earrape, bypass, and also bass-boosted. As we know that this kind of music can be annoying for some people, but, for some of them do not. So, they who love the earrape bypass music will choose this music than others to listen while playing Roblox. Well, if you want to listen flute music on earrape bypass or bass-boosted, you are kind to search it on some sites which provides it completely.

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