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Do you ever heard that there is a follow button that gives you free Robux? Apparently, there are some other Roblox players who are curious to know more that information. We are sure that you come to this page because you also want to find out some information about follow button gives free Robux.

Now, we are going to inform you that there is no follow button gives you free Robux. So, if you heard about a follow button that can give you free Robux, you do not need to believe that. We think that it is only a fake or as strategy to make you want to follow him/her in Roblox platform.

By the way, what does the follow button do on Roblox? You have to know that Follow is a part of a feature that allows the players on Roblox to keep up with new updates and changes logs which are sent out by developers. Based on the research, they were in beta testing for a short period before being rolled out to all players on September 4, 2018.


  • Search for a game you want to follow.
  • Click or tap Follow on the game details page.
  • You are able to select to unfollow a game at any time to stop receiving notifications.

You may want to know how do you stop people from following you on Roblox platform. If you want to block a Roblox player for any reason, you are able to go to their profile page. After that, under their character thumbnail, you will be able to see a “More” button. Then, you are able to hit the button, and click “Block user”. This is going to adds the user to the block list that you can manage within the “Privacy” tab of Account Settings page.


Talking about follow button, now in this article we also want to share how to follow or join another player in the games of Roblox. You are able to play with your friends in a game that they are already playing. As long as your friend has the join in-game setting enabled, so you will be able to join them in a game with a click of a button. For note: You will only be able to join the game if you have the necessary permissions to join the game. In the text below, you are able to see steps by steps to join another player. Here are steps you can do.

  • At the first step, you have to search for the user’s username or go to their Profile page.
  • If that user is currently in a game and is allowing people to follow them, so a Join Game option is going to appear on the search results or their profile page.
  • Now, you are able to click Join Game and you will be placed into the game with them.

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