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According to Roblox Developer, Roblox offers formatted catalog item data that can be used in custom desktop and browser applications. If you want to know the details, do not skip anything below.

How to get catalog items? Catalog items are able to be obtained in Jason format. It is where the “params” serialized query object identical to that one that used on the Catalog page. The format consists of:

  1. Name: This one is in the UTF-8 format).
  2. CreatedDate, UpdatedDate: These are in UTC format.
  3. PrivateSales, BestPrice: These will be empty except for limited edition items, in which case they will return the number of private sellers and the best price for the items, respectively.
  4. MinimumMembershipLevel: 0 = any membership, 1 = Builders Club only, 2 = Turbo Builders Club only, 3 = Outrageous Builders Club only, 4 = Roblox Premium only.
  5. ContentRatingTypeID: 0 = no content taring type and 1 = 13+ rated item
  6. AssetTypeID
  7. PriceView: This one is mostly used by the website to display prices. The option include 0 = free, 1 = collectible, 2 = has price, 3 = not for sale.

These following will explain about the query parameters. Seach parameters are able to be specified by appending a series of parameters and valies to the URL, eevery of it is separated by a &.

Parameter Type Options & Values
Category Byte Featured (=0), All (=1), Collectible (=2), Clothing (=3),

BodyParts (=4), Gear (=5), Models (=6), Plugins (=7), Decals (=8),

Audio (=9), Meshes (=10), and Accessories (=11). Default is All.

CatalogContext Byte Options are AvatarOnly or DevelopOnly.

The first one limits the search results to categories and subcategories of the Catalog page

while the second one limits the search results to categories

and subcategories of the Create page.

CreatorID Long This one specifies the UserID to filter in the search such as 1 for Roblox.
CurrencyType Byte All (=0), CustomRobux (=3), and Free (=5). Default is All.

Use CustomRobux with custom PxMax and PxMin values. Specify Free for free items.

Gears Byte This one specifies the GearType for the search. The options are MeleeWeapons (=1), RangedWeapons (=2), Explosives (=3),

PowerUps (=4), NavigationEnhancers (=5), MusicalInstruments (=6),

SocialItems (=7), BuildingTools (=8), and Transport (=9).

Genres Byte This one specifies the genre for the search.
IncludeNotForSale Boolean This one includes items that are have the price but are not currently available to take.
Keyword String This one is the standard for the keyword search.
PageNumber Int This one specifies a page number in conjuction with ResultPerPage

to page through results.

PxMax Int This one is the maximum amount of Robux that

the item can be priced in the query.

PxMin Int This one is the minimum amount of Robux that the item can be priced in the query.
ResultsPerPage Int This one is the same as what currently shown on every catalog browse page. you are not able to specify a value larget than the maximum amount.
SortAggregation Byte
SortType Byte
Subcategory Byte

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