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For those who like playing a game called Rocitizens in Roblox, you might be familiar with goodluckspellingsovereignty. As you probably know, goodluckspellingsovereignty is the name of one of the codes that can be used in Rocitizens. This code is given by the creator of the game. if you use this code, it will give you reward which is the Sovereignty Computer.

Then, how to enter goodluckspellingsovereignty code? These following steps to enter the code are from the official page of goodluckspellingsovereignty on Wikia. According to the page, in order to enter in a code, the first thing that you have to do is to go to the shop which is located on the bottom left corner. Then, select the last tab on the window that pops up (it reads codes). In the last step, you have to click the black box in the middle and enter the code. Please take a note to not reset your progress, unless you will not be able to redeem the code.

Actually, goodluckspellingsovereignty is counted in the list of the codes that used to be in the game, but they are no longer available for use. however, you do not have to worry if you have already put in the code as you will not lose what you got. If you want to know the other similar out of date codes, here is the list of it for you:

1. Supdatember: it can gove you $4,000

2. Cantthinkofcodenames: it can give you $2,000

3. Ilovefirebrand1: it can give you $4,000

4. Xmasbonus: it can give you $1,500

5. Bugsareannoying: it can give you $2,500

6. Gimmegimmegimme: it can give you $750

7. Allthemoola: it can give you $1,000

8. Canigetahottub: it can give you a free Hot Tub

9. Cornerpocket: it can give you a free Pool Table

10. Ggpd: it can give you $10,000

Aside from the out of date codes like goodluckspellingsovereignty, there are also the other different codes that will give you something when you put them in. Here is the list of it:

1. Sweettweets: it will give you Twitter Thropy and $2,500

2. Rainyday: it will give you $3,500

3. Youwishyouhadafish: it will give you $1,500

4. Ihaveafish: it will give you $1,000

5. Coldhardcash: it will give you $3,500

6. Alittlesomething: it will give you $4,000

As stated on the official page of goodluckspellingsovereignty on Wikia, all the codes mentioned above are not created by Wikia. Firebrand1, the name of the creator of Rocitizens made them all. in this case, please ask the creator if you want to get more codes.

If you have any questions related to goodluckspellingsovereignty, feel free to get in touch with Firebrand1. If you are too shy to ask something, another alternative is to join the community of Rocitizens. By joining this kind of community, you will be able to interact with every member of it and discuss everything. Please do not hesitate. They will gladly help you as long as they can.

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