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On Roblox, there are lots of simulation games. One of them is ‘Growing Up’. It is a simulation game that was created on November 17, 2017 by ScottSpiritWalker. This growing up simulates a typical human’s life in the Western countries. Despite of this simple look and gameplay, but it is also very popular. Even, it has around 4,000 – 5,000 players at one-time and it is still in development.

Based on the date, ‘Growing Up’ by ScottSpiritWalker was updated in Roblox on October 13, 2018. This simulation game is able to be played by maximal 10 players. Currently, it has 335,529 and it has all genres. By the way, do you ever this simulation game? If you never play this game, we suggest you to play this game because it is very interesting and you are going to have fun.

How about the gameplay of ‘Growing Up’? You have to know that this simulation game takes place in a modified and improved version of the Suburban place template drastically, with a pet store, paintball arena, a large hill, high school, and clothing shop added. If you want to play this game, you have to ensure that you are five years. Then, you have to complete the quests to age up.

For note: actually you are able to skip an age by paying 30 Robux. Usually, in most quests, a yellow arrow directs the player to where another yellow arrow is pointing. Every time you age a year, so you have to go to your house. Then, you have to greet your family and friends throwing a birthday party, and open their present. As the player ages, your body is going to grow taller and thinner. You are able to choose to visit the clothing shop to change your avatar and morph into Anthro. Currently, as the game which is still in development, the maximum age is 17. The new ages and quests are added monthly.

Talk about growing up simulator in Roblox, you are able to see many videos on YouTube which show about growing up. One of videos is a video of Sketch entitled Growing up Simulator in Roblox’. In this video, he shows you once he was playing growing up simulator. In this game, you are going to get experience to be a kid and then get bigger and bigger. And you are not to be a kid anymore. He says that once he was playing this, it was like bringing back to the playground days back once you push a girl into the sand.

Besides that, in the game, he played swing and then goes to merry-go-round. Of course, it is really interesting. After he is successful in playing merry-go-round, then he get notification says that he leveled up and he is able to go home for his party. After that, once he go to his home, then he found that there are many people to celebrate his birthday. If you want to know what happen next in the video, so you are able to watch that video until the end.

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