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The popularity of Roblox has led to some YouTubers focusing their channel on it. Today, there are many of them have become well-known content creators both in the Roblox community and on YouTube itself. One of them is Guava Juice. By the way, do you ever heard about Guava Juice? Due to his popularity on Roblox community and Youtube itself, sometime there are some people who try to hack Guava Juice Roblox password. We get information that in the last time, Guava Juice gets hacked by the hacker. Fortunately, he is able to get back his account.

For this case, we want to remember you that you have to keep your password of Roblox account. One of ways in keeping our password is by using the strong password. Today, there is nobody knows about Guava Juice Roblox password. But, if you search from your browser about Guava Juice Roblox password, you are able to find a video that show about someone who hacked Guava Juice Roblox account. If you want to know it, so you are able to watch it in the channel of RSAM – Roblox Stories and More Account. The important thing you have to do is never hack someone’s Roblox account because if you get caught or if someone report you, then your Roblox account is going to ban you.

In Roblox, you are able to find Guava Juice as “guavs”. If you see on his profile, you are able to see that currently he has 2 friends (Yellowpaco and marmarchanmar), more than 277K followers and there is no following. Today, his avatar is wearing Official Guava Juice Games Shirt, Dark Green Jeans, Green Laser Scythe, and Propeller Beanie. For his body part, currently he is using Man Left Arm, Man Right Arm, Man Right Leg, Man Left Leg, Man Torso, and I < 3 New Site Theme. If you look at Guava’s inventory, you are able to see that he has accessories in category hat. Those are Builders Club Hard Hat and Propeller Beanie. Then, for Roblox Badges, he has Builders Club, Homestead, Bricksmith, Veteran and Welcome to the Club.

By the way, how are about player badges? He has some player badges including Welcome Badge, Crazy Dave, Scuba Gear, Winners Badge, Completed Obby, RIP Spwanify and many more. Based on the date, Guava Juice as “guavs” has join in Roblox since January 26th, 2016. Currently, his place has been visited 122,130 times.

In addition, we are going to inform you about the real name of Guava Juice. You have to know that his real name is Roi Fabito and he was born on August 21, 1991 in Philipines. He first joined on Youtube at 2016s. If you see at Guava Juice’s channel, currently it has 11,947,497 subscribers. There are many videos on his channel such as “Carly Rae Jepsen Call Me Maybe – Roland & Richard (Parody)”, “Escaping The Fast Food Restaurant”, “Escaping The Haunted House!”, “Escape The Iphone 7!”, Bath Tub Challenges and many more.

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