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In the world of Roblox, there is a term called Guest 666 Only. Guest 666 Only term is used to call the evil guest on Roblox. You might be familiar with Joe and Jane Doe. If you are, then it is the similar thing as the two.

As stated on the Guest page of Roblox Wikia, the Guest feature was intended for every beginner to Roblox and the players who want to not use a Roblox account to play to stay anonymous. There are several kinds of guests. One of the most popular is the creepy one which Guest 666 Only and Joe and Jane Doe counted in.

Once again, Guest 666 is known as an evil and creepy guest on Roblox. This type of guest appeared in Guest 666 Part 1 and Part 2. Here is the state of it:

Status Sammy Lilly Eli or Jack (Guest 666)
Other Names John Jack  Lizzy
Friends The last guest
Enemies The bullies of the guest, a boy named Justin Hood, a girl named Emily, the bullies of Emily, Bacon 3.0
Quotes You’re a guest act normal
Home In the woods

In the beginning, Guest 666 often attempted to socialize with the other fellow guests. Unfortunately, it is no available which eventually led him being bullied due to the appearance. One fine day, he was yet again tainted on the roof by two bullies until they accidentally shoved him off and killing him. Since the accident, he started to traumatize the school by murdering bullies. In the next occasion, Justin Hood bullies came to school late at night and wrote something written “Justin is a Loser” on a board. It was intended to make him cry. The thing is he started to traumatize them before murdering them and throwing their blood against a wall. One year later, a girl named Emily was yet again bullied and read about a thing called Guest 666. Guest 666 proceeds to follow her around like a stranger. Later, the girl is abused by the bullies and Guest 666 yet again appears and throws the bully and murders her. Then, Guest 666 leaves the girl, and she is accused for the murder. In another event, Guest 666 continues to follow her around until he realized that Justin and Emily have teamed up. Due to his anger, he follows two of them to their house where he listens to them uncover his story. Then, he chases the two out of the house. When he cannot reach to them, he draws the attention by appearing in a bully scene. In the third attempt to rescue the accused, he is shoved off. The good thing is that the Guest 666 appears and saves him, before levitating the two bullies. Two people who murdered him beg for the mercy of the girl before giving themselves in. Then, Guest 666 sends a regards to Justin and Emily before appearing into his true form. Guest 666 is always been so weird as it is able to join the servers and disturb the actual Roblox players when it takes time to actually create a profile.

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