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Ahaahah..robloxs!! Today I wanna to share to you all how to add a game pass VIP door. Do you know a method to get rich quick in Roblox game is to create more crowded Places then turn it into VIP (I’ve discussed it before). Currently there is strict regulations in which all Roblox players do not use VIP shirts that reads “Admin” because that Admin shirts for Roblox staffs only (include administrator) not worn by the ordinary people like you.

First: Open up your game in ‘Edit’ from your Roblox dasboard to Roblox Studio like video below.

2. Open up your toolbox. Search for ‘Game pass VIP door’

3. Click on the first one

4. Drag it to the land

  • Size it however you like
  • Change its colour however you like

5. Go to ‘Explorer’

  • You can find it under ‘View’

6. Click on the VIP Door

7. Click on the hilighted object on the ‘Explorer’ You will see the thing named ‘GamePassld’

8. Click on it and go to ‘Properties’

9. Go to value and change the number to your game pass ID

10. Add a decal of ‘VIP’ if you want.

– So that people know that is a VIP door.

There! Now test your door. Now walk throught it. It worked!

The best door is to not let it be walkable for long. If not people without the game pass can walk through for free. It should work.


VIP Doors are indeed very useful to limit access of players/users to certain place according to specific categories, for example is permitted:

– A premium/special player

– Already have specified items (eg, badge, shirt or cap particular)

– If you member of a group

– A developer Place

– Has become a good friend of specific people (famous people in Roblox).

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