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Which one do you choose? A police of prisoner? Well, when you get to choose becoming a police officer, you will have some duty and responsibility. Similar in real world, you have to be a good cop in Roblox. You have to perform all the duties and responsibilities as hard as you can. There will be so challenges but you have to be persistent.

Suppose you have chosen to become a cop, there are several main responsibilities. You are responsible to enforce all the rules of the prisons. As you work as police in Roblox’s prison, you should keep all the prisoners in like. You must discipline prisoners when necessary. And of course, you must protect the prison’s facilities from people who try to break in and from prisoners who try to break out.

It’s time for you to enter the prison’s facility. Before you begin performing your duty, you have to choose your weapon. There are various kinds of guns you can choose. Put on the uniform as well. And don’t forget the helmet and special gun-proof suit unless you want to get killed.

Once you entered the prison’s facility, there is unusual sight. You will see a number of prisoners inside the facility. Some of them are doing well while some of them are acting out. Some of them are also trying to break out the prison. So, as a police officer you have to make every prison behaves properly. Don’t hesitate to discipline them by handcuffing or shooting at them. You have to be alert 24 hours day.


There will be a lot of running because there are many prisoners trying to get away. You also have to check the perimeter especially on the backyard. Loosen prisoners are usually gathering in backyard trying to escape by climbing on the wall. And you have to prevent that from happening. Don’t let them escape and enter the neighborhood.

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