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Today I am going to show you how to appear as Guest 1 on ROBLOX.

What you will need:

– Google Chrome
– EditThisCookie (google chrome extension)

You can download google chrome for free and once you have that you just search EditThisCookie on the Google Chrome Store or just google it and it will come up, from there click it and click Add To Chrome.

Roblox Guest 1 EditThisCookie

Once you have that downloaded, sign out of your Roblox account if you have one and go to a game. In this case I choose Teror Bikini Bottom.

Roblox Guest 1

When you are at your selected game, click the cookie icon in the top right corner of your screen and find GuestData in the tab that opens up.

Roblox Guest 1 b

Once you’ve found that, click it. Make the box above┬ásay: UserID=-1

Once your box says UserID=-1, just hit the play button and select your character gender. Your game should load up as Guest 1.

Oh yes, and when you put in UserID=-1 click the green check mark at the bottom of the tab.

Roblox Guest 1 c

Then you can click play, select your gender and you should load up as Guest 1.

Roblox Guest 1 d

Yesterday I’ve shared the secret to say curse (censored) words on Roblox. I have revealed a lot the secrets in this game, please follow my updates.

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