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Hello guys! I’m back, you guys may be having fun with your Roblox games, Roblox is fun especially about customization shirts or pants.

And so, you can have fun working in a textile factory that you can create in ROBLOX! yes! I’m talking about making your own T-shirts and pants that can be used coolly, all of which you can customize either for yourself or for sale to fellow teams who join the world of ROBLOXians whose fashion sense of fashion compatibility or artistic ability may not be as big as your own And of course you guys are so cool!
Woohaa you can use a cool feature feature that you can combine yourself in accordance with your imagination guys! Okay you sure want the best outfit for your roblox, yeah! Of course I know that. You may be bored reading this article LOL: D forgive me. Okay we continue.

Anyone in this world can buy new T-shirts and pants that you can look up in the ROBLOX Catalog available. But you should also note creating and selling this exciting new product is a cool and special privilege of the exclusive Club Builders in the world of Roblox.

With the addition of R15 Avatar update you can use, you should also pay attention to the joints where the characters bend over while making your Customized Pants and Shirts.

Here is a series how to copy Shirts Or Pants On ROBLOX that you can apply.

How to Copy Shirts on Roblox


Step 1. First you go Go to the shirt or pants that you want to copy of course you should pay attention to this

Step 2. the second step Make sure it’s okay with the original owner, you can freely without breaking it to copy it

Step 3. The third step, okay! Now you can Fetch Ids from links, and subtract 1 or subtract 2
Example: Before -id = 4503534563210 Now – id = 450533345629

Step 4. the fourth step Copy the picture or Template it gives, you can follow the next step.

Step 5. The fifth step you Paste into the image editing program you have selected.

Step 6. then Resize or scale the template to 575 by width, and 549 so you can set the size.

Step 7. the seventh step you guys further Edit as you wish, according to your imagination guys!

Step 8. Then Save to your computer, do not forget to give a unique name so you guys do not forget, and easy to look for it.

Step 9. The next step you upload to ROBLOX. And please be patient. You might get a cup of tea or coffee

Step 10. and this is the final step, you have to Configure and make sure to give credit to the original creator and do not let you problem with copyrighting with the original owner okay guys!

Hopefully this article I wrote can help you guys! Happy to have fun in the world of Roblox. Have a nice day.

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