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Here I tell you the secret glitch how to dance in Roblox (2 new dance) with very cool Gangnam Style!

Please follow my easy steps below:

– First, login to your Roblox, so you sign in as real player (not a guest 1) and you must min. 14 years old to able to dance. Then play one game that you love. Next, step you’ll use chat box to type cheat for do dance.

– in a Roblox game, zoom out you body to see your move details!

– Use chat bar and type in /e dance then hit Enter! It’s case sensitive (lower case only) and make sure your write the space correctly such as my example.

NOTE: In one line do not type/add another sentence that this cheat work. When writing a code, your Roblox character must still standing! And you will stop dancing when walking. You can see samples on videos below, I think you are rocks!!


– If my tips not worked in a place please try again in other places. I’m sure it will work.

– Try new dance techniques in addition to Gangnam Style. Simply type /e dance2 or /e dance3 correctly.

Come everyday to my blog to get more Roblox cheats.

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