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Roblox is an online gaming site that becomes a favorite of many people; both kids and adults. The unique concept of the game makes many people love playing the games. As the result, over 4 million of unique gamers enjoy the games every day. In Roblox, the game players not only enjoy fun games playing but also make friends with others who also access the games. However, there is a possibility that makes you feel bored with the games and want to stop playing the games for a while, so you want to know about how to delete a Roblox account of yours. Find the answer for this question below.

Can You Delete Your Roblox Account?

Actually, deleting the Roblox account is not something that can be found in a feature of the gaming site currently. However, as a gaming site with millions of players every day, Roblox always try to make their players experiencing enjoyable gameplays every time. It is because they always want to make those who leave the game to come back.

So, you don’t have to delete your account if you don’t want to play game for a while. You only need to logout from your Roblox account and it will be always inactive until you login to play the games again. It will enable you to always save anything you have created and built on the Roblox account.

Contact the Customer Service

If you can’t find a feature related to how to delete Roblox account, then you can contact the customer service to get some help.

  • Send an email to the customer service

Firstly, you can send an email to contact the customer service of Roblox to the address at Write in the email body about your purpose of asking some help to delete your Roblox account. Explain about it briefly. Include your data into the email, such as email address, full name, address and also phone number.

  • Contact the customer service through a phone call

Besides sending an email, you also can call the customer service by phone to the number; 888-858-BLOX. The customer service may ask you some information such as email account, full name, address as well as your phone number. Then you can tell the customer service

  • Idle your Roblox Account

Besides contacting the customer service, you also can try another way of how to delete your Roblox account. It is by letting your account idle for one year full. In one year full of the inactivity, the Roblox system will automatically erase your account. After the deletion of your inactive account, all of your data including name, email address, phone number as well as your location will also be erased from the database of Roblox.

Therefore, choose and follow one of the steps above in order to delete your Roblox account. If you feel bored to the games, you can simply inactivate your Roblox account. Login to your account in less than one year if you get interested to try the Roblox games again. So you will not need Roblox download anymore.

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