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You can find a lot of items in Roblox Catalog that are available to be purchased. Each of them has different color, shape, design, function, and many more. One of the items is called hat. In that Catalog, there are many hats with different shape, color, design, and function that can be found. For those who have a plan to purchase the hat, you can just go to Roblox Catalog and purchase one. Do not forget that logging into the site first will make the process of purchasing the hat become easier.

What if those hats offered by on Roblox do not suit your taste? Is there another place that can make it possible to design your own Roblox hat? The good new is that there is one. This thing is known as Roblox Studio. Have you ever heard about Roblox Studio? What does it mean?

According to the official website of Roblox, the term Roblox Studio is used to call the building tool of Roblox. This kind of tool is what makes it possible to make your dream on creating something comes true. By using this one, you will be able to find the more comprehensive and intricate set of tools that will let for the greater sense of control and creative expression.

Before making a design for your own Roblox hat, the first and the most important is to set up Rpblox Studio on your computer. This one is for you have not installed Roblox and Roblox Studio on your computer. Once it has been installed, you have to open Roblox Studio by going to “Start” > “All Programs” > “Roblox” > “Roblox Studio”. Then, log into your own Roblox account by entering your Roblox username and the password. The next step that should be done is to go to the Places and you see the new button along with “Play” and “Build” is is also more known as “Edit”. In case you have a plan to add a few things, you can just click on the “Edit” button. If you are eager to build and create a design of your own hat, then “Build” button is the answer. In the step four, you will be required to find out the toolbox.

This button is the most important one to find once the game has loaded. In order to make it easier, this one is located towards the right of your top bar. The appearance of it looks like a red spanner and a blue spanner linked together. Do not forget that the functions of this button are to add your models and decals, to set a thing that you have made and subscribed, and to add the things from “Roblox Sets”. If you want to find this one, go under “Inventory”. Aside from that button, a thing called the “Anchor” button is also important. This one can be found in the middle of your top bar. Lastly, you will be able to play around and get used to the rest of the buttons in Roblox Studio.

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