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escape-roblox-prisonPlaying the game on Roblox is such something fu. Perhaps now you are getting in the ambiance when you are in love enjoying your fun time to do the wide ranges of challenges by playing the game there. However, sometimes we often feel that it can be really that worse and often make us feel that give up, for example when we find the character or ourselves is in the prison.

Many players often have no idea about it but actually it is possible for you to get the solution regarding to how to escape from the prison of Roblox. Surely, perhaps many of you often feel amazed whether it is really possible, and absolutely yes, if we know the way.

Roblox Prison Map
Roblox Prison Map

If you are looking for the ideas on how to get out from the prison of Roblox, you need to find the effective one which is also really easy yet safe. One of the ideas is when you are in the prison, you can find what is inside the cell of the cell. Of course, you will find some tissues there. Then, one of the ideas you can try is by burning something in the cells. Then, you will find some people comes into the cell. They are with the dragons. Then, one of them will smash the mirror in the cell. That will be that great since the mirror will be broken and there you will find the button for opening the door of the cell. Surely, that becomes the early way for opening your cell’s door to get out of the prison’s cell.

After you have got to push the button and then get out of the cell of the prison, then you have been started your journey to be out of the prison. You might find the staff of the prison that is asleep or any challenges there which you can face. You can get the video for getting the detail info regarding to how to get out from the prison of Roblox.

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