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In Roblox, there are a wide variety of genres of games that you are able to discover. One of the genres is comedy. Do you like playing comedy games? Well, if you play this kind of this game, you may laugh a lot. Escape The Evil Giant Fat Guy is one of the comedy games which is recommended to play.

Escape The Evil Giant Fat Guy is a comedy game which is created by DemonBattler. In this game, you will meet a man who will eat anything that he has shrunk you down. He also has a plan on devouring you. The thing that you have to do is to escape from him through any means which are possible. This game can be played by maximum 12 players. Until now, this game has been visited more than 6 million times with more than 36,000 favorites. This game also has more than 5,192 likes. This game was created on December 31, 2010 and the update was on June 17, 2018. Well, talk about this game, you are able to watch a gameplay of this game in Youtube. The video was created by ronaldOMG. You may be familiar with this account because he is one of youtuber who also Roblox users who are popular along with his sister, KarinaOMG.

In the video, you will also see that he play the game of How to Escape the Giant Fat Guy Obby with KarinaOMG. In the video, you will see that he walk on the grilled sausages, beef and then chicken. Then, he also walk on the other things. It is fun to watch him play the game, how to jump on the French fries and other things. Besides, if you have never played this game, then you will know how to play this game. The video is 23 minutes in length and you are able to watch it until the end to know how fun it is. You may not know who ronaldOMG is. Well, he is a youtuber who also a Roblox gamer. He has joined Youtube since February 9th, 2016. Now, he has more than 1,8 million subscribers and has more than 600 million views in total. He has a sister who also a youtuber and Roblox player named Karina. You are able to find Karina Youtube channel as GamerGirl. Karina has more subscribers than Ronald with the amount of more than 2.4 million subscribers. If you are interested in them, you are able to watch the video of Ronald and Karina in their youtube channel.

Well, if you like playing games which are categorized into comedy game, then this Escape the Evil Giant Fat Guy can be one of your choices to play. This game is fun and even ronaldOMG and karinaOMG also play this game as you can watch in the video. If you still do not know how the game is, you are able to watch the video of ronaldOMG named How to Escape the Giant Fat Guy Obby in his youtube channel so that you will know how the game is.

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