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Hi robloxs, this is a nice tutorial, I’ll be showing you guys how to find a song ID.

1st, login to roblox account…

Now go to the search button and just type whatever then click on the “Library” (it should be at the bottom).

roblox song id

After you have done that you gonna go to Audio menu:

roblox song id 2

Okay, go to the search bar and type in the song you are looking for!
*Note: that not all songs are available since these are songs uploaded by players.

an example:

roblox song id 3

It’s possible that there’s more than one of you’re songs, just click on the one with the more sales. Now that you are on that page you can hear a preview of the song to make it’s the right one.

roblox song id 4

Sound’s good! Ok now if you want you can take it (this will just add it to your inventory), but to get the song ID onto your radio in a game you gonna want to go to the search button up on top…

roblox song id 5

And you gonna see a bunch of numbers (that’s the id) so you gonna copy (CTRL+C) and then you gonna go onto your game and on the radio you gonna press paste (CTRL+V).

I’ll show you an example on the radio of twisted murderer…brb!

roblox song ID s

roblox song id 6

Ok guys so I hope this helped! To get more songs, use the roblox radio codes!

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