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So, have you been playing in Roblox and still single after all this time? Have you been wondering on how to get a Roblox girlfriend? Well, that’s typical. Just like in real world, you have to get know the proper ways to get a girlfriend in Roblox. You cannot just pick anyone and ask her to date you. There’s a process you should go through. Sometimes you got a girl and sometime you failed. So, it all depends on how you do it. But, at least you’ve got to learn the basics.

Start by taking care of your presentation. Just like in real world, a person is recognized based on the physical presentation. So, it’s a very important thing. You have to look good and dress well. That’s how you get to be looking attractive. Put on the right suit with button. Don’t show up shirtless. Put on some fancy pant as well because girls love it. Fancy suit makes you look really good. And don’t forget your facial expression. Change it into happy expression. For instance, you can choose expression with a tongue out. Somehow, girls find it cute and funny.

Suppose you look good already, head to the public area like dance club or playground. Approach a girl you are interested in.


But make sure she is single. If she’s not, she is usually labeled as someone’s girlfriend and you should see it right away. Then, start a conversation by asking about herself. Girls love to talk especially if it’s about her. And ask her to do something fun together like dancing in you’re in dance club or swinging if you’re in playground. But what if after all you’ve done, you still fail getting a girlfriend? Don’t worry, you can hit on another girl. Just look around and maybe you’ll find the one.

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