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Yesterday I explained the trick to getting Palm Wood, now I present the latest tips. Roblox Lumber Tycoon 2, have a lot of players for this game, it even has 716K+ favorites. In this game there are many kinds of wood you can sell, and every wood has different price, shape also color and the wood most sought is Red Wood.

Know! in Roblox there’s rare wood that is difficult to find called ‘Blue Wood’. I get info that the price of Blue Wood is same with Red Wood, but blue wood is very rare which hard to find, you can sell it more expensive (one good way to make you rich on Roblox).


How to get Blue Wood in Roblox Lumber Tycoon 2

  1. prepare a car and expensive Axe
  2. go to the beach and take the Ferry with your car
  3. before going you have to buy a Ticket on the carrier Ferry
  4. after buying a ticket wait until the ship the way, do not forget to bring your car in the ship
  5. after arriving at another island, look for the cave, that after arriving on the island you just go on and to the right a bit, until the appearance of the cave
  6. go into the cave, and you must complete MAZE, this is the way:
  7. after arriving at the blue wood, grab it and go back to the Ferry and you have to buy a ticket again.

If you get lost in the maze, follow Route above again, and if there are problems or questions please comment below I will reply maximum in 1×24 hours.

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