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Before you use a robux generator should read first my previous official guide from Roblox admins about how to get robux according to their terms. Here I do not teach you to do robux hack, but rather to the tips and wise idea as a good Roblox player.

Okay guys, I’ll show how to make fast and easy robux:

Login to Roblox then click the ‘Trade’ then click ‘Promotion’

how to get robux 2016

how to get robux 2016 2

So basically what that says is whenever someone click your URL Link we are about to make and makes an account on Roblox and buys something on Roblox, you make 5 percent of the sale.

Okay now we will make the URL Link so what you want to do is go to a game on Roblox it can be yours or someone elses take there game link which I will show you then paste that Link where it says Roblox URL.

For an example I play [Nurse Job] RoCitizens (you can play any game up to you!)

how to get robux 2016 3

how to get robux 2016 4

Than you PASTE that Game URL to Promotion page to make a Roblox URL.

Just Paste and hit ENTER key! A promotion link will show up.

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Copy the URL Roblox given to you and paste that Link on places people will see like YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK or TWITTER, etc..

An example:

how to get robux 2016 5

how to get robux 2016 6


What happen if someone makes a new account on Roblox through my link and buys something so if someone bought ‘Dual Darkhearts’ for R$85000 I would make 5% => 85,000*0,05 = I just made R$4250 from doing nothing.

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