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Roblox is a name of the place when people are able to met lost of people. When you are there, there is a possibility of you to get attracted by a user. This one leads you wanting to know the real name of that user. So, how to get someone’s real name from Roblox?

Unfortunately, there is no way that you can use to get someone’s real name on Roblox. Roblox protects the data of the customers so they do not display the real name of user on the profile page, except that user puts it in the description by herself or himself.

Once again, Roblox does not display the real name of the user so you cannot lean on Roblox to know someone’s real name. If you want to know someone’s real name, you can chat with that one and ask his or her real name directly. It is good for you if that one is honest and kind enough to tell your her or his real name.

If you are not that lucky, you can try to look for the social media of the user that you want to know its real name. There are some popular developers and users of Roblox that use the social media and open about their real life. For instance, the creators and the developers of one of the most popular Roblox games called Jailbreak.

For those who do not have a slightly idea, Jailbreak was made by badcc (and asimo3089). The real name of badcc is Alex Balfanz. Alex Balfanz is the name of the scripter noted for developing the game Volt and Jailbreak alongside asimo3089. He has won multiple awards for his scripting such as Volt won Best Use of Lighting/Rendering during the 2016 Bloxy Awards, during the RDC 2016 Game Jam a team consisting of Badcc, Defaultio, Nexx, Dued1 and Seranok won first place with Flashback, and Jailbreak won various awards during the 5th Annual Bloxy Awards.

Aside from the ones behind Jailbreak, the one behind another popular game called Miners Haven is also well known. Berezaa, whos real name is Andrew Bereza, is the name of the Roblox developer and founder of Vesteria Corp. This man is the most known for his tycoon games, especially Miner’s Haven and 2 Player Gun Factory Tycoon. He also founded one of the biggest development groups on Roblox called Berezaa Games and made one of the largest RBXDev-owned Discord servers. He has been nominated for and won BLOXY’s for his social media outlets and games.

Berezaa or Andrew Bereza really is open about his real life. Beside him and the other game developers, usually, the Roblox users who happen to be Youtubers are also open about their life. They often share their daily life to get the content. Some of them even share their family life, especially the ones that have the family who love Roblox. You can visit Roblox to find out more about them.

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