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Jailbreak is one of the games in Roblox which occupies popular games and top earning games. Besides, this game, there are also MeepCity, Welcome to Bloxburg, Super Power Training Simulator, Phantom Forces and Murder Mystery 2 which also become popular games and top earning games. No wonder why Jailbreak becomes popular and top earning games because this game is fun and until now this game has been visited more than 1 billion times.

Badimo is the creator of this game. He created this game on January 9, 2017 and then he updated recently on October 3, 2018. This game is able to be played by maximum 26 people. This game is categorized into Town and City games. Until now, this game has been favorited by more than 9 million times and it also has more than 2 million likes. Why is it fun? Is the gameplay really awesome?

In Jailbreak, you will take a role as Police Officer or Criminal. You are able to stop crimes or cause them, uphold the law or break the law depending on the role that you take. So, it will be challenging to take a role either as Police Officer or Criminal. For this game, there are 6 passes including SWAT for R$ 300, Car Stereo for R$ 250, VIP for R$ 1000, Bigger Duffel Bag for R$ 300, Boss for R$ 300 and Mobile Garage for R$ 350. If you like playing this game, you will be familiar with cash. What is it? It is the in-game currency in the Jailbreak game. It can be used by players to purchase new vehicles, safes containing cosmetics items and in several cases, bribing to get more of it. Cash can be earn from daily paycheck at 5AM in-game time. It can also be earned by arresting criminals, completing robberies, collecting bounties, doing some tasks or buying it with Robux. If you want to buy the cash by Robux, here are the details.

  • If you want $ 1,000, you need to pay R$ 99.
  • If you want $ 4,000, you need to pay R$ 199.
  • If you want $ 8,000, you need to pay 399.
  • If you want $ 25,000, you need to pay 1,099.
  • ┬áIf you want $ 100,000, you need to pay 4,299.

Talk about money in Jailbreak, there is a video in Youtube that you can watch to get unlimited free Jailbreak Money. The name of the video is similar with the title of this article and the name of the channel is Kazok. You need to watch the video until the end so that you will know how to get unlimited free Jailbreak Money. After you watch it, then you are able to play Jailbreak and the do the things that Kazok did in his video to get unlimited free Jailbreak Money.

Well, hopefully you enjoy reading this article. If you are successful in getting free Jailbreak Money, you are able to share your experience to other Roblox players.

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